Saturday, October 6, 2012

[News] 30,000 Fans for ‘M Countdown’ Thailand with 2PM Wooyoung and more

Super Junior, BEAST, INFINITE, 2PM Wooyoung, KARA, FTISLAND and other top K-Pop idols heated up Thailand.

On Thursday, at Bangkok’s Rajamangala Stadium, Mnet held its ‘One Asia Tour 2012 M Countdown Smile Thailand,’ and the turnout was incredibly successful, drawing approximately 30,000 Thai fans. The show was a total of 120 minutes long.

Super Junior, BEAST, SISTAR, FTISLAND, INFINITE, KARA, SECRET, A Pink, U-KISS, Wooyoung, G.Na, T-ARA, and B.A.P were all part of the show. They exceeded the expectations of the locan fans with their eye-opening performances and passionate stage presence. They showed off a variety of performances including their own hit songs and collaborations with other singers.

INFINITE used a convertible to appear and drew attention. They performed their hit songs like ‘Chaser’ and ‘Be Mine.’

FTISLAND and Secret collaborated and sang each other’s hit songs as they showed off their energy and enthusiasm. The new and unique performance was a big hit with the fans.

G.Na and Wooyoung were the only solo artists at the performance and the two of them really showed off their vocal strengths with their songs ‘I’ll Leave So Be Well,’ ’2HOT’ and ‘Sexy Lady.’

KARA started off with ‘Mister’ and thier famous hip dance, which drew thunderous cheers from the audience and everyone was imitating the dance, enjoying the show.

A Pink showed off their unique charm of being the young girl idols with armed with their cuteness and wooed the male audience members with their songs ‘I Don’t Know’ and ‘My My.’

For Super Junior, thiw as the last performance in Thailand before their leader Lee Teuk goes to the army. They performed ‘SPY,’ and ‘Sexy, Free & Single,’ giving the Super Junior fans a stage to remember. Many of the Thai fans created big signs for Lee Teuk and how he’ll be missed once he is in the army.

An Mnet executive commented, “Music made Asia one and at the center of it are the Korean singers and the Korean songs. This show definitely demonstrated how powerful K-pop has become and at the same time, it showcased M Countdown as one of the best planned and best cast shows in Asia.”

‘One Asia Tour 2012 M Countdown Smile Thailand’ will be broadcast on Mnet on October 11th.

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