Friday, October 26, 2012

[Twitter] 2PM Junho went to Gangnam Police Station?

2PM’s Jun Ho recently went to a police station with actress Han Hyo Joo.

On October 26, Jun Ho tweeted, “I went to a police station in Gangnam to interview detectives for the movie Surveillance. I heard their stories and felt that they are great and they work very hard. I want to cheer for police officers in Korea! Take care of yourself.

Jun Ho plays the role of a police officer specialized in surveillance. He had some time to learn how the police officers work by visiting the police station and interviewing them before he starts shooting the movie.

The movie is about a police department specialized in surveillance. The officers conduct surveillance of a secret group who keeps committing perfect crimes. Jun Ho will make his first appearance on the big screen by playing the role of an ace officer.

Source: TV Report

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