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[Entertainment][ENG] 2PM Interview @ 121120 Shukan Josei Magazine

Group Interview
2PM, who came back to receive this magazine interview again after one year, has showed us an even closer bond and connected image.

Q: What emotions are expressed through your new song <Masquerade>?
  • Wooyoung: We have continuously been working hard in order to show a fresh and upgraded stage, this main focus this time is the “Mask Dance”. We used two layers of masks to express the emotions within the song. Taking the mask on and off whilst singing is really difficult… 2PM, whose relationship is already really close, has become even more united through the difficult and rigorous practices. Because we worked really hard to complete this song, we hope everyone can love it a lot~
Q: What were your thoughts after listening to the new song for the first time?
  • Taecyeon: Actually, the first time I heard this song~ rather than thinking of maturity and sexiness, I felt that this was a very unique song. I also worried about whether ‘our voices matched well together?’
  • Jun. K: When selecting songs for release I’m always really distressed.
  • Chansung: In particular, the melody and rhythm of this song is really good. It’s a completely different style compared to our previous songs. I also took into account problems such as; ‘would we perform this well?’ and ‘would everyone like this?’ etc.
  • Junho: But we were able to show 2PM’s original ‘dark’ (?) charisma
  • Taecyeon: Dark?! Isn’t it a little different?
  • Junho: Correction! Its sexiness and full of manly charisma
Q: In order to successfully perform the Mask Dance, I’m sure everyone came up with all sorts of ideas.
  • Jun. K: That is correct! Because it is very difficult to hold the microphone whilst removing and putting on the mask, after a lot of worrying and distress the end result was that when we dance to that part we would place the microphone in our pockets.
  • Chansung: Compared to ‘production’ we contributed more to the ‘design’
  • Jun. K: Thanks to this, we were able to successfully complete the performance.
Q: The other song within this single, Junho’s self-composed <Forever>. How was this song first created?
  • Junho: At the beginning of this year, I went to Ethiopia with a few company staff to participate in volunteering activities. I stayed there for four days; suddenly I had an unusual feeling I had never felt before in my heart and I wanted to put that (feeling) into a song, which I did with another staff that went along with me. When I returned to Korea, I finished the song with the help of a professional composer at the company. I want to share the emotions I felt when I was in Ethiopia with the fans. So the phrases used within this song’s lyrics are easy to follow and learn. At the Arena Tour please make sure to sing along to this song, everyone!
Q: Through the activities and Hi-5 event on November 24th and 25th, all 6 of you will meet the Japanese fans together after a period of time. How does it feel?
  • Nichkhun: I really would like to meet all the fans. When all 6 members were unable to stand on stage together, it caused the other members problems and I feel very apologetic to them. Since we have already returned, I will do my very best to not disappoint my fans and show everyone the best side of me! I am really thankful to everyone who believed in me and supported me!
Q: The information about holding next year’s Arena Tour has already been released, what is the main point we must anticipate for?
  • Jun. K: Although it’s still a secret, we could slightly reveal a little~ Taecyeon-goon will…
  • Taecyeon: Huh? Me?! (laughs) The main focus is a secret. We are currently in preparation to give everyone an enjoyable and satisfactory stage.
  • Nichkhun: It’s interesting! New and fresh! Full of energy!
  • Taecyeon: Yes, just like that! The staff and members all came up with ideas, we want to gather all kinds of charming performances~ please come to the concert to watch it~
Q: Then, what is the direction 2PM is striving towards from now onwards?
  • Taecyeon: It’s different from what it was during debut. Now, whether it’s about music or performing, the members will all actively express their views to complete (the songs). In addition, the members each want to do many different things, so I have a feeling that not only will we deepen our bonds between each other and work together, we’ll also gradually move forward. There’ll be constant changes and transformations in the future~
  • Chansung: Compared to striding towards a fixed target, everyone is constantly moving forward to the things we want to do, sometimes we may take a different route and perhaps there’ll be various changes throughout, but in the end “everyone is together”. This experience to each of us is extremely precious.

Wooyoung & Junho

Wooyoung, who debuted as a solo singer in Korea and Junho, who will begin to challenge acting through the film <Stakeout> (expected to release next year); the two have an ambitious heart, eager to improve and show a stringent self-disciplinary attitude. We have questioned the two about “forbidden love”, [how do they feel about it?] and such issues. We have received such answers.
  • Junho: There have been these kinds of story before…but, I still think that in reality it’s not that good, isn’t that right? A girl who already has a boyfriend… however, if you really loved her then if possible, you may be able to take her from him as well.
Q: Regarding the temptation of “forbidden love”, have you ever taken initiative to do things because you couldn’t resist the temptation?
  • Junho: In fact, I’m on a diet right now. However, when I see chocolate there is no way not to think about (eating) it. There have been times where I’ve unknowingly put the chocolate in my mouth?! Such things will occasionally happen (laughs)
  • Wooyoung: I find it difficult to resist the temptation to sleep. Whenever it gets really busy and really tiring, once there’s a small period of time, I would want to sleep. Despite that there’s a lot of things I want to do during that time and although this situation occurs quite often… I’ll still be defeated by the temptation to sleep.
Q: Once Wooyoung completed his solo debut in Korea, he received many words of encouragement and praise from the members. Through this activity, what have you gained?
  • Wooyoung: Through the solo activities, I’ve learnt a lot. It was an opportunity to be able to recognize my own inadequacies. I felt that I must continue to sophisticate my own singing and dancing abilities. I’ve said before, right now I am currently learning to write lyrics and compose music. If I get more opportunities to release another solo album, I would want to complete it with my own lyrics and music.
Q: On the other side, Junho is currently in the filming process of a Korean film. Acting alongside with Korea’s top actors; Sol Kyung Gu, Jung Woo Sung and so forth. He plays a role of a young official within a special crime investigation group, officially challenging acting.
  • Wooyoung: I’ve witnessed Junho practicing his script before.
  • Junho: Hahaha. Actually, I’ve been speaking my lines suddenly in front of the members (laughs) using the members as a practicing partner. This is a great opportunity to learn and practice acting skills from the fellow seniors, and to be able to participate in the filming I am extremely happy. Although there are a lot of filming locations, the tight schedule is also quite stressful, but on the scene everyone jokes around, it’s very enjoyable. Right now it’s still the early stages of filming, I hope in the upcoming future everyone will be able to get along just like one big family.
Q: The two who constantly enjoy challenging new things, what are your desires regarding marriage?
  • Junho: As for when I will get married…….
  • Wooyoung: I am very busy now; I haven’t got the energy to consider the issue of marriage.
  • Junho: For us, compared to anything else, to be able to stand on stage and work is when we’re most happy!
Compared to love, right now work is more important for the two. We anticipate seeing both of their limitless and even more active performances!

Taecyeon & Nichkhun

Nichkhun, as always exposed a heart-warming smile and Taecyeon, who's become slightly more tanned yet still shows a powerful and tough image; we focused on the topic of “the girl you would want to take away” and questioned the two members.
  • Nichkhun: My ideal type is someone with a dazzling smile. As if, once she smiles the surroundings becomes brighter in a flash.
After hearing what Nichkhun said, Taecyeon went on to say; “I’ve met a dazzling girl like that before, just once!”
  • Taecyeon: During high school I passed a girl who just transferred to my school. It seemed like she was under the spotlight and shining brightly, but ultimately it was just my one-sided love.
Q: When asked about what people most care about – marriage – both members immediately answered “I want to get married!” without a second of doubt.
  • Nichkhun: But right now is not the right time, I must accumulate a lot more varied experiences first. If I have gathered enough experience, then I definitely will (get married)!
  • Taecyeon: From a long time ago I was determined to get married when I turn 27 years old. But now I’ve become aware that I’m already 25 years old (according to his Korean age). So I started to think, I still have 2 years to encounter that perfect woman, isn’t that a little challenging? (Laughs)
Q: According to news reports, a few days ago the two members went to Tanzania to participate in volunteering activities. As they were there, the experience provided them with an opportunity to think about the ‘values of happiness’.
  • Nichkhun: I felt; “the things really necessary in life are not much at all. As long as you have the minimum items with you, couldn’t we just live on with a peaceful mind and heart?” This thought floated to my mind as I saw the locals in Tanzania smile blissfully.
  • Taecyeon: In Korea we’re always constantly busy, our lives getting chased by the busy workload, however I still feel very content. But the people in Tanzania are very relaxed, they look really happy. I realized that my values and ideologies of happiness have expanded.
Q: Actually, what activities have you two participated in?
  • Nichkhun: In short, it was physical labour work.
  • Taecyeon: Also, when I arrived in Tanzania, I found Nichkhun, who had begun working one step ahead of me. I ran towards him but as a result he said; “Hurry, get together and work!” I was suddenly forced to help on the spot… I hadn’t even unpacked my luggage yet! (Laughs)
  • Nichkhun: Afterwards I realised and said to him; “Ah ~ sorry, sorry!” (Laughs)
Q: In addition, when it comes to the two men’s common areas, (it has to be) “ability to learn languages”. As we talk about the issue of foreign languages, we questioned Taecyeon, who achieved full marks in his TOEIC examination and Nichkhun, who is able to communicate fluently in 4 different languages.
  • Taecyeon: I didn’t do any special preparation for the TOEIC exam. But because I began living in America since I was 12 years old, there were two or three years where we had to recite 150 words every day from memory in class.
  • Nichkhun: I also started to learn from memorizing words and phrases. But I never memorized them as strong as Taecyeon did (laughs). I learn through conversations and going out to experience things in various situations.
With perfect and flawless faces that makes surrounding people sigh, with the manners of a gentleman and equipped with intelligence, these two impeccable men would often show their teenager-like smiles, it really makes your heart flutter ?

Jun.K & Chansung

As 2PM’s lead vocalist and as a music producer, Jun. K’s presence cannot be easily ignored and Chansung, who decided to star in an upcoming Korean drama series which is highly anticipated as he actively, shows his actor side. From the topic of “forbidden love” we have interviewed this duo of the groups’ “big brother” and “maknae”.
  • Jun. K: Within love, there is no such thing as forbidden. If you truly love the other person, then you can decisively go and challenge…. as Chansung said (laughs).
  • Chansung: Huh?! I didn’t say that!
  • Jun. K: However, something such as taking your friend’s girlfriend is absolutely not allowed, because friendship is more important. But, if it was someone you didn’t know, yet I really liked that girl then maybe I would want to make her mine instead.
Chansung who was sitting next to Jun. K nodded his head vigorously and also quietly said; “I also have that thought of experiencing it”

Q: Then have the two members got any desires to get married?
  • Jun. K: I have none at the moment.
  • Chansung: “Want to get married~” the thought is actually very strong. But I don’t even have a girlfriend (laughs)
Q: We also asked about the two member’s pets which they both devoted all their love to – the story of Jun. K’s poodle and Chansung’s Russian Blue cat. Unknowingly, they began to get caught up in the battle of “whose pet is cuter?”……
  • Jun. K: Right now, although my Audrey is still small, but her jumping ability is amazing! Suddenly she could fly up to my waist area~
  • Chansung: My cat is called Jeonggam. Very often I would hear soft mewing sounds at the door to greet me, that’s particularly cute. We have a special greeting between us. As I hold him, if Jeonggam wants to go somewhere else, he will always use his nose to touch my nose to tell me. Occasionally, Jeonggam will also make me very angry, at those moments, he would be meowing next to me and stare at me. In the end I would give in to its cuteness, and kiss him… chu~
Chansung then revealed something that made everyone’s heart skip a beat, he said; “I think Audrey is even cute!” Slightly upset about admitting to losing this battle, Jun. K used his undefeatable cuteness to attract everyone.
  • Jun. K: Because my nickname is “panda”, my house has around 600+ panda dolls which the fans have given to me. Audrey will whiz over and pounce on top of the big panda doll; she would also bite the small panda and run in circles. Although it’s very cute, seeing my house full of panda dolls lying about everywhere is a little scary (laughs)
Unlike their extremely manly image seen on stage, we were able to see the two cute and funny members who loving care for their pets ^^

Credits: TAECMIN (SCANS) ;  PiLe & YangYang @2PMBaidu (JPN > CHN TRANS) (CHN > ENG TRANS)


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