Tuesday, June 25, 2013

[News] Hottests set a new record for wreath donations

2PM Asia Tour Concert, What time is it, 2PM Cheering rice wreaths, egg wreaths, fodder wraths and briquette wreaths of Dreame

The international fans of 2PM cheered them by sending the greatest rice wreaths of Dreame in history. A total of 29,348 tons (10kg of rice*2,935, 29,348kg) of rice wreaths of Dreame were sent to 2PM Asia Tour Concert ‘What time is it” held at Jamsil sports complex on 21st and 22nd of June. 28,088 tons of rice wreaths of Dreame, 6,000 of egg wreaths of Dreame, 1,150 of briquette wreaths of Dreame, 600 kg of fodder wreaths of Dreame, so on, 29,348 tons in total (amounts converted to rice wreaths) were collected from around 15 countries as Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, Philippines, Hong Kong, China, Thailand including South Korea. This is recorded the greatest scale of Dreame SINGLE EVENT in history since 2007.

29,348 tons of rice wreaths are equivalent to enormous amount that can serve a meal for 240,000 people or a month for 2,700 people. Also, this is equivalent to 1,500 of 20kg of rice wreaths of Dreame. The rice wreaths of Dreame were installed filled up outside of Jamsil sports complex.

2PM has led to build a foundation of donation culture spread that encourages dreams and hopes of young generations by attending ‘G + Star Zone’ Open ceremony held at Abgujeong Rodeo Station last 2nd of May. As 'G + Star Zone' is one of the 'G+Dream Project' of Seoul, Gangnam-gu, Korail provided the space, GKL supported installing facilities and maintenance fee and Dreame makes a delivery rice wreaths that Star donated, so on. They promote various businesses with SUSEO Myeonghwa synthesis Society Welfare Center together.

The fans of 2PM started to cheer Takyeon by sending rice wreaths of Dreame to production report conference of KBS 2 drama ‘신데델라 언니’ in March 2010 before spreading cheering rice wreaths culture. They cheered 2 PM by sending 40 tons of rice wreaths of Dreame, 100 of ramen wreaths of Dreame, 50,400 of briquette wreaths of Dreame, 6,000 of egg wreaths of Dreame, 600kg of fodder wreaths of Dreame, and so on, 14 times in total over the past 3 years. Additionally, 2PM has continuously donated to KHFI, The Salvation Army Charity Pot, Good Never Birth, so on, about 40 welfare centers in nation.

Meanwhile, 2PM gave fans kind words at Press Conference, “We now made a finalize Asia Tour Concert in Seoul with love of Asia fans. We could feel your heart and we were overwhelmed with your huge cheering and big love. Thank you so much for your all support and heart. We will repay you for your huge love by always trying to do our best”. To the end of the concert, 2PM is expected to perform by individually after finishing the domestic activities.

Source: Dreame

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