Saturday, June 22, 2013

[News] JYP Entertainment and JYP merge + 2PM, 2AM, Wonder Girls, & JJ Project earnings for first half of 2013

With the announcement of a merger between listed company JYP Entertainment and unlisted company (not listed on stock market exchange) JYP, detailed information regarding the earnings of JYP Entertainment artists were revealed for the stock holders.

The charts provided revealed that 2PM is the agency's top earning artist this year, not surprisingly, bringing in sales of 11.57 billion KRW ($10 million - in USD) for the first half of 2013. 2AM was next with 2.17 billion KRW ($1.88 million), then Wonder Girls with 1.35 billion KRW ($1.17 million), and JJ Project with 1.25 billion KRW ($1.08 million). [Note: the numbers listed on the chart you see above goes by a unit of 1000].

When taking out the expenses and costs for music video production, marketing, promotions, dorms, education and training, and more, 2PM's profit includes royalties of 1.078 billion KRW from album sales, 6.619 billion KRW from management sales, and 56 million KRW from contents sales (endorsements, ads, etc.). With a total of 7.753 billion KRW ($6.7 million), this works out to be about 1.292 billion KRW ($1.12 million) in profit per member.

For 2AM, the total works out to be 1.969 billion KRW ($1.7 million). Royalties from album sales are about 925 million KRW, while royalties from contents sales are about 1.044 billion KRW. Since there are 4 members, it works out to be about 492 million KRW ($426,000) per member.

After taking out the basic expenses for Wonder Girls, their profit was 295 million KRW ($255,000) with 284 million KRW from album sale royalties and 11 million KRW from contents royalties. This amounts to around 59 million KRW ($51,000) per member.

JJ Project did not record any royalties for this year.

Another interesting fact to note is that with the merger, J.Y. Park has become the biggest shareholder of JYP Entertainment with 16.94%.

As for the expected earnings for 2014, they expect 2PM's total sales (excluding expenses) to be 21 billion KRW ($18.2 million), 2AM's to be 1.9 billion KRW ($1.6 million), Wonder Girls' to be 490 million KRW ($424,000), and JJ Project's to be 8.3 billion KRW ($7.2 million) – meaning 2PM and JJ Project's sales are expected to increase, while 2AM and Wonder Girls' decrease, which gives you a rough idea of the amount of activities each group may have next year.

Source: No Cut News, Dispatch via allkpop

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