Monday, June 17, 2013

[Twitter] 2PM Supporting Ayeon's New MV

Please give "a Good boy" lots of love!><

@100ayeon Our Ayeon-ie is looking really pretty^^ Make sure you guys give it lots of love!!^^

@Jun2daKAY Minjun-ie Oppa, you're the best best Heeheehee Thank you!!!

Just watched Ayeon-ie's MV as I smiled throughout of it Keke 
I think I wanted to watch this MV even more not only because of cute Ayeon-ie, 
but also because of our fellow dancer Nuna and Hyungs being cute too? Keke

@taeccool Kekekekeke Thank you, Taec "Yeon" Oppa Kiki 

Credit: W2Dtranslations

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