Wednesday, January 1, 2014

[News] It's all about 2PM Friendship, What matters most. (2PM 가요대제전 2013 moment)

After leaving great impression with the hot epic performances in MBC Gayo Daejaejun (가요대제전) 2PM impressed more in different way, as they showed their strong friendship. As the group hug each other despite the crowd of idols gathered at the countdown in the event.

Fans can't help but captured this moment. 2PM seems do not care at all of the others as they focus on giving each other a hug as the final countdown is happening. It looks like 2PM are indeed deep and sincere to the team spirit they have or the friendship.

Through the Years, 2PM gone through a lot. With each challenges that came, they stand up stronger and make us all proud.

With the new year that started. We hope and pray for 2PM to stay stronger and show the World who they really are as they continue to battle different challenges.

As Hottest, we will always be here for them and as we continue to walk. We may always find the light light and direction. We may all never get tired of supporting 2PM, showing them the unconditional Love.

Source: Admin Alexander @ its2pmhottest
PHOTOS Credit to: Nuneogun, waaayurie, leewymi


  1. very touched moment
    very proud to be hottest
    love 2pm

  2. Imma proud hottest ^^ 2pm's brotherhood