Monday, January 6, 2014

[News] 'Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education' 2PM Nichkhun, The return of the good-looking shuttlecock.. 'The vibe of a prince'

As a ‘Good-looking shuttlecock', Nickhun from group 2PM will return through KBS 2TV entertainment program ‘Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education’.

In ‘Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education’s ‘Badminton returns- All-star super match’ that recently took place, Nickhun showed off the looks of a prince and have competed against the national-treasure level badminton players such as coach Park Joobong, Kim Dong Mun, Ha Tae Kwon and Lee Yong Dae and so on.

The recording of ‘Badminton returns- All-star super match’ that Nickhun and the ‘Kings of shuttlecock’ have recorded together took place on KBS Sports World located at Hwagok-dong, Seoul on the 18th of last month. Nickhun showed his true value through this match in which he did not get to show on the previous episode of badminton and he also dominated the site with his looks and showed off his badminton skill that is to a different level.

Nickhun revealed his true value through a quick agility and an explosive smash and have mesmerized the coach Park Joobong. To Nickhun’s match, the player Lee Yong Dae also said “It has intensity” and could not hide his feelings of excitement.

The producers said “Finally, the ‘Dream match of the century’ in which the viewers of In ‘Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education’ have long been waiting for is here”. They also added, “We would like you guys to show lots of interests to the ‘final episode of badminton’ as it have shown the best match that was not seen anywhere else until now and will not be seen forever”.

Meanwhile, Kang Hodong, Lee Man Ki, MAX, John Park, Nickhun, Chansung, Park Joobong, Kim Dongmoon, Lee Dongsoo, Ha Taekwon, Lee Yongdae and Yoo Yun Sung will participate in ‘Badminton returns- All-star supermatch’ and it will be on air on the afternoon of January 7th.


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