Monday, December 10, 2012

[News] 2PM, KARA, Girls' Generation, T-ara and more in the Oricon charts for November

Including sales starting November 5th till December 2nd, the monthly Oricon ranking for November includes a whole variety of Korean artists' releases.

The single chart starts off with 2PM's "Masquerade." The group's latest single made it to the 4th spot after having sold 150,736 copies since its release on November 14th. T-ara's "Sexy Love" charts at 11, selling 45,040 copies. Boyfriend, Girls' Generation and FT Island's newest singles take the 15th to 17th positions, with 37,800 copies, 36,062 copies and 35,260 copies sold respectively. Another few spots lower, at 24, we can find MYNAME's 2nd Japanese single "What's Up." 21,389 copies were sold since November 21st. SHU-I's "Daigyakuten" closes the list of Korean releases at 28 with 18,799 copies.

The November album chart is for the girls, with Girls' Generation and KARA's latest full lengths charting at the 6th and 8th places respectively. While Girls' Generation's "Girls' Generation 2 ~Girls & Peace~" sold 116,963 copies, KARA's "Girls Forever" sold 97,264 copies.

What was your favorite release of the month?

04. 2PM - Masquerade (11/14) 150,736 copies
11. T-ara - Sexy Love (11/14) 45,040 copies
15. Boyfriend - Kimi to Dance Dance Dance/My Lady ~Fuyu no Koibito~ 37,800 copies
16. Girls' Generation - Flower Power (11/21) 36,062 copies
17. FT Island - Polar Star 35,260 copies
24. MYNAME - What's Up (11/21) 21,389 copies
28. SHU-I - Daigyakuten (11/21) 18,799 copies

06. Girls' Generation - Girls' Generation 2 ~Girls & Peace~ (11/28) 116,963 copies
08. KARA - Girls Forever (11/14) 97,264 copies

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