Monday, December 10, 2012

[News] Jay Chou Speaks Out Against PSY But Imitates 2PM’s Wooyoung?

Taiwan’s popular artist Jay Chou is currently being criticized for making contradictory statements.

When Jay Chou received an award at a recent awards ceremony, he gave an acceptance speech and mentioned PSY‘s “Gangnam Style” and spoke against the Korean culture. However, local Chinese media outlets noticed that he also imitated 2PM‘s Wooyoung in recent promotions and therefore, criticized his remarks.

Jay Chou received the Most Popular Male Artist from the Chinese portal site, Baidu. He gave an acceptance speech saying, “‘Gangnam Style’ is very funny but Chinese music is better than that,” and “We should not imitate Hallyu anymore. All of the celebrities must unite and never do ‘Gangnam Style’ again.

However, the Hong Kong media reported that Jay Chou’s words contradicted his actions

The report stated, “Jay Chou’s most recent album jacket cover has almost the exact same fashion as 2PM’s Wooyoung. Even his hairstyle seems the same.” They continued, “It’s contradictory for Jay Chou to copy a K-Pop artist but then proclaim that everyone should stop following Hallyu.

This news is similar to Jackie Chan‘s remarks about Hallyu in the past. In 2005, Jackie Chan attended a party to celebrate the success of the film, “Endless Love – The Myth,” which also had Kim Hee Sun as part of the cast. At the party, Jackie Chan stated, “I’m not having fun. I’m not satisfied with this amount of success. The people of China must come together and compete against Hollywood and Hallyu.

At the time, the local Chinese media similarly reported, “Jackie Chan is the one who scouted Kim Hee Sun, who played an important role in the success of the film but his remarks about the trends and cultures is contradicting his actions.”

Source: soompi


  1. Wow, if Jay Chou did consciously copy Wooyoung, then it's actually quite complimentary to our Wooyoung, haha. "Imitation is the most sincerest form of flattery" after all.

  2. funny..u can get millions of people in this just so happens that 2 of the millions are jay & wooyoung..and jay still looks better anyway..and in any why would he need to
    and speaking of jackie chan..what he said didn't contradict his actions..he wished china can compete with hollywood and that he can make film with chinese companies in the future..but by that was apparent that the chance of success by cooperating with hollywood and hallyu was bigger.. we all strive for success don't we? most of us work for money..that's too! reporter! when everybody is the same..what makes u tink this news is worth reporting?