Tuesday, June 4, 2013

[News] 2PM Taecyeon Explains his "Fashion Terrorist" Outfit

2PM member Taecyeon tried to explain his “Fashion Terrorist” outfit.

In a recent appearance on KBS’ variety talk show, “Happy Together 3,” the singer tried to vindicate himself by explaining the story behind his famous “suit picture.”

Taecyeon goes on to share how when he was in the United States, he and his family used to enjoy watching a Korean drama from SBS called, “야인시대” or translated to “Age of Opposition.” At the time, this drama had the highest viewer rating.

In this period piece drama, the characters all wore suits and that appealed to young Taecyeon. Hence, he wanted to look just like the cool characters so he borrowed his father’s suit and took a picture.

Even after his explanations, the hosts and guests couldn’t help make fun of the endearing the photo.

Taecyeon copied the looks shown here where all the characters wore suits.

Source: soompi

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