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[News] ‘Global We Got Married’ EP 10 Recap Part 2: MBLAQ’s G.O Helps With TaecGui’s Housewarming!

"Global We Got Married" Episode 10 Recap Part 2: After Taecyeon and Gui Gui called up some friends to come over for their housewarming party, the two get busy preparing for the party!

After they finished decorating, Taecyeon and Gui Gui went to a traditional marketplace to buy ingredients to cook for the housewarming party. As they plan to make dukbokki (Korean spicy rice cakes), Gui Gui jokingly said that they could "maybe" just buy the already-cooked dukbokki from a street cart so they don't have to cook it. In response, Taecyeon said "No, we have to cook it!"

Taecyeon even tried to teach Gui Gui to say "Please give us more!" in Korean, but Gui Gui ended up adorably messing up the phrase. As the two went to buy Korean traditional side dishes at a store, they saw some fans, and the fans shouted to Gui Gui, saying "You're so pretty," which made Gui Gui embarrassed.

The fan then blurted out, "It's more of a pity for Gui Gui unni," implying that it's a pity that such a beautiful Gui Gui had to marry Taecyeon! Upon hearing this, Taecyeon was flustered, not knowing what to say. Gui Gui was confused this whole time, and Taecyeon just told her that it was "nothing."

After this, they came by a stuffed animal store, and Taecyeon kindly asked, "Do you want like a...puppy?" Gui Gui picked out a cute worm-like pillow and was extremely touched that Taecyeon would offer to buy the stuffed animal for her. Happy that she got the pillow, Gui Gui even tried to make the pillow "kiss" Taecyeon.

When the TaecGui couple got back to their house, they started making kimbap, and just as they were making the food, MBLAQ's G.O arrived at the door, bringing an expensive cake as a gift. When Gui Gui saw G.O, she mistakenly called him as 2AM's "Seulong" and was embarrassed after she found out she made a mistake.

Even though Gui Gui didn't understand the conversation between G.O and Taecyeon, she hilariously said "Yes" in Korean to every question G.O asked her, making it seem like she really knew Korean. Taecyeon also showed G.O around the house, asked G.O to play MBLAQ's song, "This Is War" on the piano, and also let him look through the wedding photo album.

G.O stopped looking through the album after just a second, saying that he was too envious of their marriage and that he couldn't look at their pictures any longer. Taecyeon then asked G.O to help them clean up the kitchen, and offered an apron that had girly lace on it, to which G.O responded "I really hope I don't wear that..."

G.O ended up wearing a small, colorful polka-dotted apron and looked hilarious. Since there was no room to put anything in the kitchen, G.O and Gui Gui ended up putting G.O's cake into the oven, leaving Taecyeon speechless, saying "Why is the cake going in there?!"

Afterwards, they started making fried eggs to put into the kimbap. Taecyeon showed off his skill with cracking eggs in one hand, and G.O was amazed by Gui Gui's skill in mixing eggs with lightning speed, calling her skills "Mom skills." Gui Gui exclaimed in response, "Mom?! Not mom!"

G.O said that Gui Gui has gotten prettier with better skin after the wedding photoshoot, and also commented that Taecyeon and Gui Gui have become more natural around each other. While cooking the food, Gui Gui, like the clumsy girl she was, made a huge disaster again by dropping a package of yellow radish on the floor as she opened the refrigerator door. The yellow radish juice spilled everywhere, and Taecyeon asked G.O to clean it up.

Afterwards, Gui Gui said that she felt bad for making a mess and also thought it wasn't right to have G.O, their guest, to clean up after them.

The three of them then went on to roll up the kimbaps, and Gui Gui made the best-looking kimbap out of the three, while G.O didn't do so well. Gui Gui and G.O also had cute interaction as they called out the names of the ingredients in Chinese and English, and they also made fun of 2PM's Wooyoung by calling Wooyoung "woo-ong," which is an ingredient in kimbap. After they finished making kimbap, G.O left to attend to his recording, while Taecyeon and Gui Gui tried making dukbokki and japchae.

Fans of the TaecGui couple will have to wait for the next episode to see what happens at the housewarming party!

Source: kpopstarz

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