Tuesday, November 6, 2012

[News] The KTO opens its Korean travel tips service, K-Spot & K-Tour / 2PM and miss A’s Touch Korea Tour to be revealed as well!

Plans on visiting KOREA soon? Well the Korea Tourism Organization has some great tools to make sure your trip is an amazing one. They also have a fantastic event which just opened (Free trip to Korea)! Check out the official press release from KTO below!


The Korea Tourism Organization (hereafter the ’KTO’) opened K-Spot and K-Tour this October 24th, 2012, which provides useful information and helpful tips about travelling in Korea on its website buzz KOREA on October 24th. Through this service, members will be able to see the tourist attractions 2PM, miss A, and the fans of Korea visited during the Touch Korea Tour this past June. Also, buzz KOREA members will be able to directly post and register K-Spots and K-Tours, providing more contents.

K-Spots are major Korean tourist attractions categorized according to themes. Basic information about the spots as well as real commentary by people who’ve experienced the places will be posted, providing a unique service found nowhere else. The K-Tour service lets users choose K-Spots they’re interested in and create a customized travel itinerary. The service is very useful for travelers hoping to travel to Korea.

buzz KOREA’s K-Spot and K-Tour service will not only be available via its website but also through buzz KOREA’s mobile application which helps travelers find information whenever, wherever, and share the information with ease.

The KTO will be hosting the “Make Your K-Tour Dreams Come True” event from November 5th through November 25th to spread word about the service to travelers hoping to visit Korea. By creating a customized K-Tour with the K-Spots they would like to visit, users will be entered in a chance to win a round trip ticket to Korea. Also, users who have already visited Korea can enter the “Your Best Moment in Korea” event by registering a K-spot with useful travel tips for a chance to win Samsung’s latest laptop and smartphone.

What are you waiting for, go and plan out your dream trip to Korea for a chance to make it come true!

Source: allkpop

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