Sunday, November 4, 2012

[Twitter] 2PM Chansung's Words of Wisdom

[Fan] For everyone to be equal might actually be a very hard thing to accomplish.....
[CS] We can say that everyone becoming equal is very difficult and unrealistic but wouldn't it actually be easier for everyone to treat each other well..?! 

[Fan] I mostly read novels... Non-literacy books are so hard?_?
[CS] There are things in novels you can gain such as morals but things cannot be understood from a personal subjective view..! I guess it becomes something to learn if you think carefully about it.^^

[Fan] But for many people to have trust in the writing I think correct spelling is a first.. It's another thing to have a think about!
[Fan] I try my best but I guess it's not enough ??... 

[Fan] Oppa what book do you read nowadays..?
[CS] Nowadays I read the script book of Story of a Secret Man and Woman...????^^ It's very fun heuheu And I'm reading 7 Years of Nights in between^^ 

[Fan] Oppa why haven't you been sleeping till now..? I was studying so I didn't sleep...Should I sleep now..?My test is today.. I'll be late if I sleep now right?????
[CS] Get some sleep..! Your head needs to rest too^^  

Credit: Egle @2pmalways

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