Monday, April 22, 2013

[News] [Concert Review] 2PM Performs at the Tokyo Dome in Tears

Even amidst the severe anti-Korea sentiments in Japan, 2PM managed to rise in popularity, ultimately landing itself on the dream stage of the Tokyo Dome.

Fans couldn't contain their tears and excitement during the four hours the members performed onstage, and the members also shed tears in thanks toward the fans who let them fulfill their dreams.

2PM's Legend of 2PM in Tokyo Dome took place in two separate concerts across two days from April 20-21. A total of 110,000 people attended the concerts to witness 2PM's achievement.

2PM first landed in Japan on December 8, 2010 through a series of showcases with 25,000 fans. In just two years, the group managed to make history.

Wooyoung said in the press conference held before the second day's concert, "I can't bring myself to believe it even while I'm performing. It feels like I'm in a dream," while the other members agreed.

The Tokyo Dome was filled to the brim with fans, putting on a spectacular sight to see.

The members took care to speak in Japanese and sang such hits as The Legend, Crazy for You, HOT, Without U, Don't Stop Can't Stop, I'll Be Okay, Beautiful, Missing U, Back 2 U, I'm Your Man, Heartbeat, I Hate You, Even When We're Apart, Take Off, Stay with Me, 10 Points Out of 10 Points, Hands Up, This is Love, Forever and more across three-and-a-half hours. For Beautiful, the members unleashed their sexy charms with a chair performance.

Each member then went on to put on his own show. Wooyoung sang the promotional single off of his solo album, Sexy Lady, while Nichkhun sang Let It Rain, Jun.K performed True Swag, Taecyeon showed off I Love U, U Love Me, Chansung sang Oh and Junho sang to Say Yes. Fans cheered for each member with different colors, holding up green for Taecyeon, pink for Jun.K, blue for Wooyoung, yellow for Junho, purple for Chansung and red for Nichkhun.

The members then said in thanks, "We've dreamed of singing at the Tokyo Dome since our debut in Japan. We can't take our eyes off of the 110,000 fans before us. We are so thankful and happy. We want to dedicate this honor to our Hottests (2PM's fan club), who always support 2PM. We'll run harder and do our best."

Nichkhun also voiced his own thanks in tears as he apologized for the drunk driving incident he was involved in last year.

This wasn't the only time fans showed their support for the group, as they were also zealous enough to welcome the group with open arms at the airport. Over 1,000 fans watched as 2PM set foot in Japan on April 19.

2PM will return to Korea on April 22. The group will then go on to prepare for its album to be released in Korea in May.

Source: enewsworld

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