Tuesday, April 23, 2013

[News] Photo from 2PM’s Tokyo Dome concert press release is photoshopped?

Netizens have taken a second glance at the photos revealed through a press release regarding 2PM‘s recent Tokyo Dome concert, spotting some bad editing.

The above photo was the one that caught eyes and is actually one of the several photos sent to the media through a press release by JYP Entertainment. The photo shows the different levels of seating at the Tokyo Dome packed with fans.

At first glance, it’s hard to spot the photoshop job by just looking at the top 3 levels, but when looking at the floor level, it’s easy to see the same scene repeated at least twice.

Spotting this, a post was made on a popular online community board, in which netizens commented, “This is absurd”, “If you were going to photoshop, at least do it well”, “Are they supposed to be doppelgangers. Ah, hilarious”, “It’s obvious that the photos are edited”, and more.

However, it’s not clear why the photoshopping was necessary in the first place as fancams and fan-taken shots show that the large venue was very packed with eager fans who had been waiting to see the boys live at the prestigious Tokyo Dome.

Source + image: Sports Seoul via Nate via allkpop
Original press release articles: Star News, Korean Ilbo, Ohmynews

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