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[Interview] 2PM Taecyeon for Marie Claire Magazine - September 2013

Humanity’s Speed
Although it’s a terrifying ghost-centered story
Little did they know
it could produce sweetness
followed by their speed
and exploration around the world,
Ok Taecyeon and Kim Jae Wook met us.

Recently, tvN’s drama broadcast has really gained popularity. tvN’s new release is a fresh new genre for dramas. It's a mix of gloomy atmospheres and a ghost with human emotions who shows up because he’s after a mysterious event’s remnants. Still not afraid? In this drama, the woman who is not familiar with the ghost brings her uncertain feelings to meet him. In fact, in this drama, the ghost is very considerate and caring. Scarier than the ghosts are people. Through their fate, the heroine is able to see humanity’s cruel side.

It never crossed Ok Taecyeon and Kim Jae Wook's minds that they would work together, but thanks to the TV drama both of them were able to work together. The fate of both men unfolds with the heroine Shi On played by So Yi-hyun. The woman who is able to see ghosts and the man that loves her discovers events associated with the man she loves. The Ok Taecyeon I see is very enthusiastic, and Kim Jae Wook is an actor with a very cool charm. Both men’s charms will be shown in the drama, giving the impression of a fascinating kind of thrill. Watching this drama is like a cool breeze on a hot summer day.

Running Ok Taecyeon
<Who Are You>’s Cha Geon Woo is a very passionate police officer. Although he's very ambitious with lots of desires and complaints and non-stop nagging to his co-workers, he won't turn the other cheek and always readily helps anyone who is having difficulties. When he's able to help, a smile will naturally form on his lips - exactly the kind real man that we cannot help but to love. In the third episode, there was an interesting scene where a vigilante of the group said he used to be a trainee and Cha Geon Woo said, “You cannot just play through life!

When shooting that particular scene... “Boom! It exploded!” was said by Taecyeon. Since the beginning of his acting career, it will be the first time in that Taecyeon is playing a character of a hero. Through the dramas and , he was able to hone skills that he can bring back to be table, resulting in lots of very busy work. ’s Taecyeon who starred in the movie that was filmed half a year ago, despite having to do 2PM’s traveling schedule at the same time, is still excessively busy. He will always be in many girls’ hearts as Mr. Right with his perfect existence.

In the world, this kind of people will always exist - the type of people that has difficulty trusting others and only trusting what they have seen with their own eyes. If we had to distinguish between the two leading men in the drama and in Yang Shi On's life, Kim Jae Wook who plays as Lee Hyung-Joon can be considered the past and Ok Taecyeon who plays as Cha Geon Woo would be considered the present.

Taecyeon’s character himself is also more like the present, “Hehe, it’s scary. But because I cannot see ghosts during filming and that makes it less scary. But I don’t really believe that ghosts exist in the world. I haven’t seen them before (laughs)." Before the interview, I saw on Twitter that instead of writing, 'I will happily watch the TV drama too,' he tweeted, 'I will be monitoring it well.' "Regardless if the comments were good or bad, I read them all," he said.

After reading the script of the first and second episodes, I thought it was very interesting and I wanted to hurry up and finish so I could read the next episode where I eventually found more similarities between him and Cha Geon Woo. Even though he lives an extremely busy and exhausting life, he cooly accepts it - giving people the image that he boldly strives towards all the goals he has set.

It’s not like that. I want to run quickly and there's no time for grumbling. Am I talking really fast right now? That’s because Geon Woo and I just rotated (laughs). My name brings different meanings whenever I'm acting and when I'm representing as a member of 2PM. If I really want to do something, I won’t complain even though it’s late at night. Faster than expected, shooting began very quickly. It’s been two years since I began acting, but I'm still feel very nervous. During shooting, I always ask the director and stylists questions. Acting is very meaningful and interesting, but it also very difficult. So under the director’s guidance, I try to figure out my feelings. Being an actor doesn’t mean fooling around, once shooting begins you have to be very focused. You must remove your body’s strength, release your tension, and immerse into the role.

Taecyeon is very vibrant and is full of interest and his interests is the greatest driving force. So far, it’s been easy but interesting. What do you think is the best moment? “Right now? (laughs) Honestly, I don’t know either. Every moment is really interesting. Before releasing an album and before shooting, reading the lines by myself. I hope to finish recording my part early so when it’s time for a commercial, I can relax. Those are the best moments. Isn’t this so called happiness abstract? I want to enjoy every moment.” That’s a really abstract answer. Often times, compared to thinking, the responses your body give out is the right one. Taecyeon is always ready to accept the body’s response and not solely living on thinking.


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