Thursday, December 12, 2013

[News] 2PM Taecyeon, Instead of community service, got a decision to be in army as a soldier "I am glad"

After finishing getting the body checkup once again on December 12th in Daegu in order to serve in the army, Taecyeon from 2PM cheered in joy as it is decided that he will serve as a soldier in the army. In 2008, due to injuring his waist, it was decided that he will do community service instead. However, according to his will, in which he said “If I am a Korean man, than of course I have to serve in the army properly” and he even got numerous surgeries to cure his injuries and signed up for the body checkup once more and on this day, he found his way to serve in the army.

Such a decision came as a shock in a refreshing way to entertainment world as it was filled with endless doubts from corrupt incidents that are related to trying to avoid the sacred obligation of serving in the army. There was already a case in 2010 in which Taceyeon gave up American permanent residency to have definite ways to serve in the army.

Until Taecyeon got the decision to serve in the army, the process was rough and tough. To cure his injury in the waist that became the cause of obtaining the decision to do community service, he got two surgeries in 2012 and 2013 even when he was busy with 2PM activities and acting.

So far, most of the athletes or celebrities, who was decided to do community service due to injuries of their waists, did community service instead of serving in the army. However, Taecyeon chose to go a completely another way.

Another crisis came once again in 2013. During the activities in Japan, Taecyeon suffered from serious injuries after breaking his arm. To obtain a decision to serve in the army, he volunteered to through a trouble getting a surgery to remove the wire that was holding the part he was injured.

According to one of the associates of Taecyeon, he finally obtained a decision to serve in the army through a difficult process. Afterwards, it was heard that he could not hide his feelings of joy saying “I finally did it”.

Taecyeon is currently enrolling in International Graduate School of Koryo University and he made a debut as a member of 2PM in 2008. With the nickname ‘Beast idol’, he has been very active as a member of the top idol group. Along with 2PM activities, he played a main character role in the drama ‘Dream High’ and in the movie ‘Marriage Blue’ and so on and is showing captivating acting skills.


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