Friday, December 13, 2013

[News] 2PM’s Taecyeon Becomes an Avatar in ′The Human Condition′

2PM’s Taecyeon transformed into an avatar, or ‘Ok-vatar,’ to fulfill his mission.

During the recent filming of KBS 2TV’s The Human Condition, Taecyeon was to fulfill his mission to ‘live without stress,’ and headed to Garosu-gil, a street busy with shopping malls and restaurants.

Upon hearing that the 2PM member has never once hit on a woman before, the other members decided to turn him into an avatar, who has to do whatever the members tell him to do.

Being called ‘Ok-vatar,’ Taecyeon was told to say hello, share an umbrella and even to hug a woman passing by.

2PM’s Taecyeon Becomes an Avatar in 'The Human Condition'

After seeing him fulfill his missions easily, the members decided to give him a more difficult mission of getting a ‘bbo bbo’ (light kiss) from a passerby.

As the mission was not an easy one, ‘Ok-vatar’ Taecyeon became anxious as people started rejecting him, but continued to try. When he finally received a bbo bbo, he danced joyously in the middle of the street.

Taecyeon also went to a shopping mall by himself and bought a meal using his company’s credit card. He then talked about how income is split between JYP Entertainment and its celebrities.

The episode of The Human Condition featuring ‘Ok-vatar’ will air on December 14.

Source: mwave

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