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[News] "I am here~"… 2PM Wooyoung, the day of reporting for his survival

2PM is an ‘idol group who are good at everything’, as acknowledged by not only themselves but also others. In this year, they have been active in various fields such as singing but also acting, entertainment and musical and so on. In June, they were busy promoting the song ‘A.D.T.O.Y (All Day I Think About You)’ from their 3rd album. With Tacyeon, Junho and Nickhun starring in movies, Chansung in drama and Jun.K in musical, the members started each of their solo activities.

Hold on, are you saying something is missing? The fans of 2PM might have already noticed. Wooyoung’s name is missing. The truth is, Wooyoung was not very active with his schedules this year. After promoting the album, it was not that easy to see him. Maybe it is for that reason, I believe everyone no doubt was more curious about Wooyoung and missed him.

So, we have prepared for the fans. It is a so-called ‘Jang Wooyoung survival report’. On December 18th, Wooyoung showed up in front of the public due to a production interview of ‘SBS Gayo Daejeon’ and we took a close look at his day. We are also revealing his stories behind the scenes. To give a hint, the preparedness of Wooyoung was ’10 out of 10’.

Now, the day of Jang Wooyoung reporting for his survival~ let’s together look at the story behind the scenes.

At 1pm, we met Jang Wooyoung at ‘JYP Entertainment’ located in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu in Seoul. Are you asking why not in the hair shop? There was a separate dress-up room in the private company building of JYP Entertainment. Wooyoung was busy getting his make-up done. The stylist was busy putting make-ups with fast hand movements.

Wooyoung’s first impression, it looked bright, the excitement and the feelings of nervousness at the same time. He reduced his nervousness by making jokes with a stylist. At times, he hoped the time passes fast looking at his cell phone. Still then, his face had bright smiles all the time while we were seeing him.

"Wooyoung is here~"

"Do it neatly please~"

"This is good enough "

"It is almost time to go "

"Done with make-ups~"

After putting on make-ups, the next part continued with checking for his beautiful looks. On this day, Jang Wooyoung looked at the mirror again and again and focused on making himself look nicer. His effort was almost like most of the girl groups. We saw him touching his hair with a delicate touch. After checking for the last time, he looked like he was satisfied with his make-up and made a fighting pose.

"Hair, it is perfect"

"Make-up is pretty good~"

"Wooyoung, fighting"

"Heading to SBS in Mokdong"

Jang Wooyoung was a very well-educated young man. As soon as he got on the car, he buckled his seatbelt. Afterwards, he even cared in detail for the seatbelts of a manager, a stylist and even the journalist. It was only a small thing but Wooyoung thinking about people around him was very memorable.

But, this man, took out his lunch box as soon after departing. He said he did not get to eat lunch. Eating is the most important thing out of all. Today’s menu is ‘chicken salad’. He took a briefly took care of his starvation. A salad is Wooyoung’s favorite food.

"Today’s lunch is chicken salad"

“Ta da~ This my most favorite food "

"Put chicken on top of a salad "

"Eat bravely and steadily "

"I am already done~"

It has been couple months since the last meeting with Wooyoung. There were a lot of things that we were curious about as we were wondering about how he have been. Hold on, with the spirit of journalist, we had a conversation with him about different things. A kind Wooyoung~ He answered kindly and nice.

We first asked about his long break time. Compared to other members, Wooyoung was very active and busy with schedules. That reminds me, after the promotion activity of the song ‘A.D.T.O.Y’ in June, we were barely able to see Wooyoung. For that reason, he was the member whom the fans of 2PM missed the most.

"I think everyone, except me, is busy with their activities. After promoting for the album is over, I concentrated on enjoying my personal time. I read books and listened to music. Oh, I am into rock music these days. Maybe because it is a genre that is completely opposite from the music style of 2PM, it is so appealing.”

The second question was about acting. Except for Wooyoung, all the members have been active in movie, drama and musical. After showing up on ‘Dream High’ in 2011, Wooyoung has not been acting at all. We were curious about the reason why. His answer was very modest.

"After the drama ‘Dream High’, I have not been acting at all. I solely concentrated on 2PM and preparing my solo album. Acting is something that is very appealing also but I think there are more goals I want to achieve as a singer. I also think that I am not professional enough to be in dramas.

If that is the case, how is he preparing for the performance for the end-of-the-year Gayo Daejeon (Pop ceremony)? According to Jang Wooyoung, it is expected that this will be the performance that signals the return of the ‘beast idol’. It is said that for each of the celebratory stage in each broadcast stations, they have prepared different repertoires.

"Since it is 2PM coming together as a whole, we are preparing for a stage that will surprise the fans. It looks like the performance will be a stage that shows the original charm of 2PM. To give a hint slightly, we are going to show upgraded acrobatic movements. I am getting nervous even when I am talking about this.”

The last question was about the new album. We could not skip the part talking about 2PM’s new album. In ‘A.D.T.O.Y’, 2PM shook the hearts of women in Korea with a mature chair dance. We carefully asked questions about an album that will be released in future.

"2PM is preparing a new album right now. We are in the process of gathering songs. We plan to release the album as soon as possible next year. The truth is, it is really burdening. We gave meaning giving it a try with the song ‘A.D.T.O.Y’ because it was different from the style of music of 2PM. It has been 5th year since our debut. I think that it is time for us to show the unique color of 2PM.

While we were chit-chatting, we have arrived at SBS in Mokdong. As soon as Wooyoung came out from the car, the fans of 2PM greeted him heartedly. Some fans even had a giant camera with a name of so-called ‘cannon’. Wooyoung shyly greeted the fans by waving his hand,

Are you asking how his style was when he showed up in front of the public? His fashion drew attention. It was a chic, layered look. He matched the striped knitted sweater with a plaid shirt. He wore a black coat on top of it. The highlight was the red shirt that he tied around his waist. He showed off his sense of fashion as if to prove that he is one fashionable person who cares a lot about fashion.

He even looked easy-going and relaxed in the waiting room. On this day, he greeted ‘Taemin from SHINee’, ‘Na Eun from A Pink’ and ‘Min Ah from Girls’ Day’, whom he will be on the stage together. He even signed his autograph on the poster with a funny facial expression. He was a man who makes the mood happy and full of joy.

"Na Eun, how have you been doing~"

"Where can my face be"

"I will just sign my autograph anyways~"

Jang Wooyoung has finally entered into the site of the production interview of ‘SBS Gayo Daejeon’. As it has been a while since the last time he showed up in front of the public, there were endless flashes from cameras coming from all over the place. Jang Wooyoung greeted the press with a witty pose.

Wooyoung also took photographs together with Son Na Eun. Through ‘SBS Gayo Daejeon’ these two tried acting out the drama ‘Master’s Sun’. Jang Wooyoung played the role of Joogun (So Ji Sup) and Son Na Eun played the role of Tae Gong Shil (Gong Hyo Jin). They even showed their acting right at the site.

"Wooyoung is here~"

"My looks got better "

The production interview took about an hour. After talking to the casts and the producing director Kim Yong Kwon, he came outside. Wooyoung’a popularity still did not change. Despite the cold weather, the fans were waiting to see him. Wooyoung greeted each of the fans by bowing his head and expressed his mind of gratitude.

Until the end, his services for his fans were fantastic. Once Jang Wooyoung got into the car, fans could not step away due to thinking that they did not get to see Wooyoung for a long time. It looks like Wooyoung thought the same way. He suddenly opened the car window and along with saying “Bye~” to the fans, he waved his hand in a friendly manner. Is this what is called ‘One in body and soul?

I believe all the readers of ‘STARCAST’ have been all looking forward to this, right? For this episode of Jang Wooyoung, we will also release bonus pictures as usual. It is a gift that ‘Dispatch’ gives to ‘HOTTEST’. That is, the pictures of Jang Wooyoung he took himself. The pictures that is hard to be found even on Tweeter.

"Going to seriously take pictures of myself~"

"The angle is important~"


"HOTTEST, I will see you soon"

Source: star.naver
Written by=Kim Soo Ji (Dispatch)
Pictures=Song Hyo Jin (Dispatch)

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