Sunday, December 8, 2013

[News] ‘The Human Condition’ 2PM Taecyeon, requisition of variety shows, what can he NOT do?

Group 2PM’s Taecyeon proved his abilities as an actor, a singer and an entertainer by perfectly accomplishing the missions with the comedians on the show, ‘The Human Condition’.

Taecyeon challenged himself with the mission of living without any stress on the show, ‘The Human Condition’ on KBS 2TV. Even though the show is composed with comedian members – Park Sungho, Kim Joonho, Kim Joonhyun, Heo Kyungwhan, Yang Sanggook, Jung Taeho – Taecyeon blended in naturally with his unique humor.

Despite Taecyeon’s envious handsome appearance, the members of ‘The Human Condition’ were rather inhospitable to him. Yang Sanggook even denounced him as a fashion terrorist.

Taecyeon excelled more when he was with the rest of the members of the show than when he carried out the mission by himself. In addition to his unequaled charming face, his easygoing and amiable personality appealed the viewers. He displayed his earnestness when he was playing the dumpling game for the lunch money and gave the audience big laughs with his sincere reactions.

He also became a target of the day by the members. The original members of the show chose ‘Start a conversation with a pretty woman’ as a de-stresser and ordered Taecyeon to do various things. Stating that he “hasn’t done such things”, Taecyeon expressed his embarrassment. His naivety and bewildered looks entertained the viewers.

Entertainers such as Taecyeon are favored by the watchers. Taecyeon’s cordial looks on the show was welcomed by the public especially since the release of the movie, ‘Marriage Blue’, in which he acted as a gifted chef.

His such diverse charms, in addition to his usual charm shown on stages as a singer, appealed the public even more.

Taecyeon will carry out missions, such as telling women passing by on the street ‘hug me’ or ‘give me a kiss’, on the next episode of the show.


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