Monday, April 1, 2013

[News] 2PM brings the hottest time of the day to Guangzhou, China

2PM completely took over Guangzhou, China with their latest concert!

The boys landed in Guangzhou on the 29th, and they were greeted by over 2,000 fans who had been waiting since early morning just to get a glimpse of 2PM. The sheer number of fans paralyzed the airport to a point where no one could barely take a step, and the members had to move separately to make sure everyone would be safe.

2PM also held a press conference at the Guangzhou Hilton Hotel, and then had participated in a high-touch event with 300 fans. The next day, 9,000 fans cheered loudly for 2PM at their concert, held at the Guangzhou Gymnasium. Taecyeon even sang a Chinese children’s song for his fans at the concert.

The most surprising part of their Chinese trip was their return back to Korea. 1,500 fans got together to organize themselves so that the airport wouldn’t be thrown into chaos. They sat and sang a song for 2PM as they left the airport. 2PM said, “We were surprised and thankful for the passionate love Guangzhou fans showed us. It was a great performance where we were able to feel love and passion. Thank you again.”

Source: allkpop

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