Monday, April 8, 2013

[News] 2PM’s Taecyeon Cast In The Romantic Comedy ‘The Eve of Marriage’

2PM’s Taecyeon will be turning into a chef in the upcoming romantic comedy, “The Eve of Marriage“.

Taecyeon will be joining the star-studded cast of Kim Kang Woo, Kim Hyo Jin, Joo Ji Hoon, Go Jun Hee, Lee Yeon Hee and more.

The cast will form four couples who are only a week away from their weddings. Kim Kang Woo and Kim Hyo Jin will make up one of the couples, and Taecyeon will couple up with Lee Yeon Hee for another. Unfortunately for Taecyeon, his relationship with the beautiful Lee Yeon Hee will be shaken up by the webtoon artist, who will be played by Joo Ji Hoon.

The movie will begin filming this month and will hit theaters later this year.

Source: ningin

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  1. did you know that gui gui and taec we got married that episode totally breaks my heart..because i like suzy and taec couple..:(