Thursday, December 5, 2013

[News] "OK~mamia!"…2PM Taecyeon, Taking a closer look at Amanda’s party

"Mamma Mia~"

It is only a cat doll (?) but still so full of confidence. Its facial expressions look like as if it got everything in the world. Do you see the mouth that is pointed upwards? This cat is currently being held by Amanda Seyfried, one of the most popular and famous people in Hollywood.

What is the use if Song Joong Ki, Park Hyung Sik and Yoo Yeon Suk mention that their ideal type is Amanda Seyfried? The ultimate winner was this cat because the cat even got kisses from her.

Who is the person who made the Seyfried hold the cat?

"Seyfried, This is Ok Cat"

"Happy Birthday, Amanda!"

"Oh my god Ok Cat, So~ cute"

The ‘Korean wave star’ Ok Taeyeon met the Hollywood star Seyfried. Their first exciting meeting was during the charity party that was held in ‘Raum’ of Yeoksam-dong in Seoul on December 4th. On this day, Ok Taecyeon was invited to the party as the host representing all of Korean celebrities.

Even the way he showed up was different. When Ok Taecyeon showed up at the party, there were waves of camera flash towards him. He got attention of people in the party at once. But, disregarding that fact, Ok Taeyeon just enjoyed the party.

He was just at the party by himself but he looked relaxed. He socialized with guests in the party with his own unique ability to socialize and make friends. His English was flawless. He never stopped talking especially with the manager of Seyfried, who was sitting right next to him. 

"luxuriously drinks water"

"Watch the charity video~"

"It is almost the time for her to show up…"

At the same time when looking at that empty seat anxiously, the main figure of the charity party Amanda Seyfried entered into the hall. She sat at her spot with a fascinating pink dress. Next to her, there was also her boyfriend Justin Long.

"Seyfried, Here I go~"

Ok Taecyeon once more showed off his good ability to make friends. Like a man, he bravely walked to where Seyfried was and said hi. Seyfried looked surprised when she saw a K-pop star.

"Hi, Amanda~"

"Do you know 2PM?"

"Oh my god, Animal idol?"

"Please take a photo of us!"

"'Ok' my god~"

Seyfried’s boyfriend Justin Long gave looks of interest to Ok Taecyeon. He came first and greeted Taecyeon to show gratitude. They were making conversations for a long time. What did they talk about?

"We talked about Boston. Both us have stayed in Boston before so we had a lot in common." (Ok Taecyeon)

On this day, along with the charity party, also the surprise birthday party was held. Ok Taecyeon went up the stage representing Korean guests with a cake and a bundle of flowers. Seyfried had hard time to not show her laughs and smiles when the surprise birthday party was held.

His fluent English also was shown. He became the host of the birthday party himself. He also gave Seyfried a separate time to make a wish. What would be her wish? Now, here is their realistic conversations.

"What kind of wish did you make for your birthday?" (Ok Taecyeon)

"Um, if I tell you, the wish will not come true …" (Amanda)

"In Korea, the wish comes true only when you say it ~" (Ok Taecyeon)

"Um, I wish my dog live with me for all eternity!" (Amanda)

"H~i! Ok Cat will live with Amanda for all eternity ~"(Ok Taecyeon)

There were also nice manners. In addition to being the host for the birthday party, he also escorted Amanda Seyfried. When she was going down the stairs, he lightly held her hand to help her. It was good enough to make his ‘Boston friend’ Justin Long jealous. However, he is so used to being kind… .

The truth is, on this day, body conditions of Ok Taecyeon were not very good. He broke his left arm during his solo activities last year right? Recently, he got a surgery to remove the metal planted in his left arm. Despite the fact, he showed up to the event to support Seyfried’s charity purpose of ‘Helping the kids with incurable diseases’

Oh, and to the party today, the Hanbok (Korean traditional clothes) designer Park Sool Nyeo also came. She was sitting with Kahi. She came to give a very special gift to Amanda. Her gift was presented with a serious intention (?) to show the Korean traditional beauty to the Hollywood star.

"Amanda! Have you ever worn Hanbok before?"

"Mamma Mia~"

"What do you think of Hanbok? Does it look good on me?"

Lastly, Amanda Seyfried, a person who is a highlight of this party, shared her feelings about visting Korea for the first time. She did not forget to mention the fact that she is so grateful as she received such a huge welcome from Korea, that she loves korea and also the fact that she wants to live in Korea and know what it is like to live in Korea. Now, let usl hear the greetings from Seyfried.

"It is good that I came to Korea."

"Thank you for welcoming me with such kindness."

"To a place this far away and the hottest in the world…"

"I didn’t even know that I have these kinds of fans ~"

"I love you! Korea"

"Also, thank you. Mr. Ok!"

"Hi! Chilbong, it was nice to see you~"

Written by=Kim Suji(Dispatch)
Pictures=Lee Seung Hoon•Song Hyo Jin(Dispatch)

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