Tuesday, October 22, 2013

[News] 2PM Taecyeon and Lee Yeon Hee Talk about Marriage

Slowly approaching the age to get married, 2PM’s Taecyeon and Lee Yeon Hee shared their ideas of marriage.

On October 22, Taecyeon and Lee Yeon Hee attended the press conference for their new movie, Marriage Blue at Coex in Samsung-dong. They both revealed, “We thought deeply about marriage.

The two actors are both 26 years old this year.

In the movie, they acted as Won Chul and So Mi, who have been dating for seven years.

It might be too early to think about marriage right now, but it’s also an age when we should be thinking about marriage a lot,” said Taecyeon. “If I had a girlfriend whom I’ve been dating for seven years, I would marry her.

Of all the things to find in a spouse, Taecyeon answered, “Eating habits.

I really love food and I eat a lot of food. I’m not picky whether it’s Korean, Western, Chinese, or whatever. So I hope my future wife will have the same eating habits as me.

I haven’t really thought sincerely about marriage yet,” said Lee Yeon Hee. “I’m curious to who my future spouse will be.

On preparing for the movie, Lee Yeon Hee shared, “I’ve never dated for seven years, so I had to ask people around me and they just said their relationship is very comfortable like they’re just friends.

For Lee Yeon Hee, religion was the most important thing she wanted to find in her future spouse.

I hope he’s a devoted Christian who I can go to church with. Of course, the heart is also very important. I hope we can match well.

Marriage Blue will premiere on November 21.

Source: enewsworld

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