Thursday, October 31, 2013

[News] 2PM’s Taecyeon Successfully Kicks off Mwave’s First ‘Meet & Greet’ with Fans

With 2PM’s Ok Taecyeon as the first guest, Mwave launched its new online fan signing service, Meet & Greet, on October 30, where the star signed CDs and responded to messages from fans all around the world as they watched in real time.

The 2PM member turned Okcat CEO stopped by CJ E&M for Mwave’s first ever Meet & Greet session at 7 p.m., and despite having returned to Korea from Germany the same day, Taecyeon kept a lively demeanor throughout the live broadcast, which lasted for about an hour and 20 minutes.

Not only did Taecyeon personally select the winners who would be receiving signed copies of 2PM’s Grown CD, he sent fans, who purchased his Okcat products through the Mwave Shop, personalized thank you messages.

Between drawing winners, Taecyeon turned to the Meet & Greet fan board to respond to questions and comments left by fans in real time, entertaining viewers with his witty answers, from calling Hello Kitty his “rival” to winking into the webcam at fans’ request.

When one fan asked whether Taecyeon has plans to release a solo album, the rapper said, “Haven’t thought about it. There are many 2PM members preparing. And since Wooyoung started it, maybe others will follow?” before adding with a laugh, “Ask JYP.

During the Happy Hour session, in which the star must complete a mission for fans, Taecyeon personally drew the Okcat character for a few lucky fans and took Polaroid “proof shots” with the drawing.

As much as Taecyeon wanted to give back to fans for their support, a few fans in particular were also highlighted for their special stories.

User Taecthaifangirl, who is listed on the Meet & Greet page as one of Taecyeon’s Top 5 Supporters, revealed she would be donating the CDs with her purchase as a gift to the idol star for his birthday on December 27.

Mwave's first Meet & Greet proved to be a time for fans to communicate freely with 2PM's Taecyeon, heightening anticipation for future fan signings with fans' favorite stars.

We will be posting the full list of winners tomorrow, so if you purchased Okcat products but missed the broadcast, check back with us then!

Source: enewsworld 

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