Wednesday, October 9, 2013

[News] ‘Votre Noir’ 2PM Hwang Chansung, mellow act lauded by viewers.

Group 2PM Hwang Chansung showed off his acting talent in KBS drama special ‘Votre Noir’ and expressed what mellow love really is.

In ‘Votre Noir’ aired on 9th Hwang Chansung starred as Kim Hyung-joo, youngest gang member, who falls in a dangerous love. He captivated the viewers by expressing subtle emotions with his mellow eyes.

In the play, Kim Hyung-Joo (Chansung) is a gang member. He begins to follow a woman (Chae Jung-Ahn). The woman is the wife of a prosecutor (Hong Kyoung-In) investigating his gang. The woman was also Hyung-Joo's teacher when he was younger and he loved her at the time. Hyung-Joo still has feelings for her. Overall, Hyung-joo shows how man can sacrifice for love. He says he will protect her from his violent husband and express his affection towards her. He also says he will kill that guy who makes her painful.

Moreover, Hwang Chansung eventually gets betrayed by his gang due to the prosecutor’s scheme. But even before he dies, he only recall his love towards Chae Jung-Ahn, showing true mellow love. It was more than enough to make the viewers’ heart flutter as they watch the two kiss so romantically.

Viewers responded “I did not know Hwang Changsung was this good at acting.”, “Rediscovery of actor Hwang Chansung.”, “How manly.” and so on.

Meanwhile, Hwang Chansung will soon be releasing his first film ‘Red Carpet’.


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