Saturday, October 19, 2013

[News] Nichkhun and Sandara Send Their Prayers to the Victims of the Earthquake in the Philippines

Despite the fact that 2PM's Nichkhun and 2NE1's Dara are not Filipinos by blood, these two K-Pop idols showed their sympathy to the victims of the magnitude 7.2 earthquake that hit Bohol and Cebu tremendously last October 15, and killed more than a hundred in a snap, affected 3 million plus, and crashed century old churches.

During such hard times, the two idols made a point of supporting the Philippines back to life, showing their awareness and care through their Twitter accounts. While Sanadara tweeted "#prayforbohol #prayforcebu" Nick accompanied the said tweet with his own message "Philippines, I hope you are ok. Please stay strong and keep your hopes up. You have my prayers."

Sandara began her career in the Philippines when she joined the reality TV show "Star Circle Quest" and came out as a runner up for the contest. After the show, she garnered many fans in the Philippines because of her beauty and talent. And even through the uprise of popularity in Korea and worldwide, she managed to always look back at where she started it all. Since many of her fans are still from the Philippines, she makes sure to always let them know that she cares and that they are on her mind.

Source: kpopstarz

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