Wednesday, November 20, 2013

[News] 2PM Taec-yeon says, "Is it that marvelous for me to go on package tour?"

Ok Taec-yeon, who successfully debuted as a film actor through the film 'Marriage Blue' (directed by Hong Ji-young, produced by Soo Film) as a star chef Won-cheol who dreams of a comfortable and stable marriage life, talked about a package tour in an interview with TV Report on November 20.

A picture of Ok Taec-yeon was uploaded on a board of Online Community. It was from the Vatican City in Rome, Italy, which he has recently travled. In the picture is Ok Taec-yeon enjoying sightseeing with citizens on a package tour. He drew attention by helping a tourist with her stroller or taking a group photo yeon unlike an idol star.

When asked about the package tour, Ok Taec-yeon had a big laugh and said, "Is it that marvelous?

"Haha. Is it that marvelous? I had one more week for vacation and I just flew there. I am interested in history. I always saw historic places and arts from a book. I wanted to see them with my own eyes right there. That is why I went to the Vatican City. I helped her with the stroller, too (laughter)."

He said, "If there are too many historical sites, you may miss something important. I chose a package tour not to miss something. Of course, I read a book and studied the sites. I thought that a package tour would be perfect for traveling alone and seeing the sites thoroughly. I am just like an ordinary man. I may go on a package tour. I did not expect that people would think it was marvelous.

He added, "Do you know the beauty of a group tour? If you travel alone, all you can do is to take a picture of yourself. On a package tour, citizens of my group took pictures of me. How great it is!"

'Marriage Blue’ is a movie about marriage blue (the psychological anxiety or stress experienced by people who are getting married) that four couples experience a week ahead of their wedding ceremony. The film features Kim Kang-woo, Kim Hyo-jin, Joo Ji-hoon, Lee Yeon-hee, Ok Taec-yeon, Ma Dong-seok, Guzal, Lee Hee-joon, and Go Joon-hee.

The film has already drawn great attention with the combination of director Hong Ji-yeong from 'Kitchen' and Soo Film well-known for production of romantic comedies from 'All about My Wife' and 'Finding Mr. Kim’ The film will be released on November 21.

Source: By Kim Soo-jung / Photograph=Kim Jae-chang, Online Community

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