Thursday, November 14, 2013

[News] 2PM’s Nichkhun make special appearance on Nippon Television’s ‘Kim Jeon-il Case File’

Nichkhun from the idol group 2PM is schedule to make a special appearance on the special drama celebrating the 60ths anniversary of Nippon Television ‘Kim Jeon-il Case File-Okmun Hakwon Homicide Case’.

On November 13, JYP Entertainment said that Nichkhun is going to play a top student who cheerfully rides through difficulties in the drama. Nichkhun will play a major character who holds the key to the entire case.

‘Kim Jeon-il Case File-Okmun Hakwon Homicide Case’ will also feature multicultural idol stars including Ryosuke Yamada and Daiki Arioka from ‘Hey! Say! JUMP’, an idol group of Johnny & Associates, a popular actor Hiroki Narimiya, and Wu Chun, an ex-member of Taiwan’s idol group ‘Fahrenheit’.

‘Kim Jeon-il Case File’ is a drama based on the world’s popular original detective cartoon and which has been run for the 20th year in a row on Japan’s ‘Weekly Girl Magazine’. Since its premiere in 1995, the drama series recorded the viewership rating of 23.9% on average, emerging as Nippon Television’s most famous drama series.

‘Kim Jeon-il Case File-Okmun Hakwon Homicide Case’ featuring Nichkhun will be aired in January 2014 through Nippon Television.

Nichkhun has been building acting careers in Asia. In 2012, he took a lead role in '42.195' of the Thai omnibus film ‘Seven Something’ and, in 2013, he played a main character in the Chinese drama series ‘One and a Half, Summer’.

Source: By Hwang Jee-young

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