Friday, November 15, 2013

[News] 2PM Taecyeon, opening a special christmas event with character okcat

Group 2PM Taecyeon will be holding a special christmas event with character okcat and for his fans.

JYP Entertainment announced through official SNS channel "In Dec.25 Taecyeon will be opening 'Okcat's Lonely Christmas' event with his character Okcat."

2PM member and actor Taecyeon made his character Okcat which is his drawing of a cat since his debut. The character is beloved by launching various character products like kakao emoticons and being sold time everytime.

This event was planed to repay his fans Okcat love. CEO Taecyeon will be spending a special time with his fans and Okcat in Christmas. Taecyeon's special Okcat song he personally composed, heartwarming talks and other fun events are scheduled.

Further information regarding the 'Okcat's Lonely Christmas' will be available through JYP Entertainment's official SNS.


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