Thursday, November 14, 2013

[News] Lee Yeon-hee “Taecyeon, energetic even in exhausting shootings..Awesome friend”

Actress Lee Yeon-hee praised highly of 2PM member and actor Taecyeon, who co-starred in 'Marriage Blue' with her.

On 14th Lee Yeon-hee interviewed with OSEN and said "Taecyeon is full of energy. He is awesome friend."

On this day, she stated, "Taecyeon is positive and energetic. He knows how to enjoy his life. He can complain about his busy schedule having to be both singer and actor. Instead, he is like que sera sera."

She explained, "Not that I mean he is irresponsible, but he doesn't show he is exhausted or tired. While we were shooting he was always busy come and going overseas."

She added, "Still he always looked so happy. He is really awesome. I envy those who know how to enjoy their work. So I am really jealous of him."

Meanwhile, 'Marriage Blue' will be screening on 21th.


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