Saturday, November 2, 2013

[News] 2PM Taecyeon Updates With a Photo Of Himself As The Chef in His Movie

It seems that this is the season for dramas or acting since many of the idols are switching to acting for a little bit. One of which on the list of idol to actors is 2pm’s Taecyeon! He will be taking on a movie lead role. With its upcoming release, movie ‘Marriage Blue’ releases a still cut for 2PM Taecyeon’s character.

Wearing a chef’s uniform while holding a pan on his hand, Taecyeon portrays a perfect image of a chef-in-love. He plays the role of Won-Cheol, the fiancé of Lee Yeon-Hee’s character So-mi. In the picture, we witness one of Taecyeon’s bright smiles as he looks very comfortable and natural in the kitchen. Seriously though, a man who can cook and look like that? Where do we sign up?

What do you think of Taecyeon being a charming chef? Will So-mi find another man before their wedding?

Many of the fans cannot be more excited for the release of the movie. It is a very interesting role for Taecyeon to play and the fans what to see what his take is on the part.

The movie “Marriage Blue’ is about the lives of couples who are yet to marry and will be on theaters starting on November 21.

Source: kpopstarz

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