Wednesday, July 10, 2013

[News] 2PM’s Nichkhun Kicks Butt in a 6 Against 1 Badminton Match

Having played the sport since he was 9-years old, 2PM’s Nichkhun proved that his badminton skills are not rusty just yet.

On July 9’s broadcast of KBS’ Our Neighborhood Variety and Sports, 2PM’s Wooyoung, Chansung, and Nichkhun were invited as guests as the program cast decided to try their hand in the game of badminton.

Although he’s heard that Nichkhun was good at badminton, Kang Ho Dong needed proof, so he challenged Nichkhun in a game.

First, Lee Soo Geun went head to head with the 2PM member, but after a quick loss, Kang Ho Dong joined, followed by Jo Dal Hwan.

As the Variety and Sports continued to lose, Kang Ho Dong kept on adding more players on the court, until it was six men against one Nichkhun.

In the end, Nichkhun won with Wooyoung’s missed swing.

All the team members then bowed to Nichkhun, accepting him as their teacher.

Later, Nichkhun had a fierce battle with former Korean wrestler, Lee Man Ki, who also excelled in badminton.

Source: mwave

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