Monday, July 1, 2013

[News] 2PM's Taecyeon, Chansung, Junho and Jun.K All Have Plans to Act

It's a good thing that the group 2PM already released some music this year because most of the members are going to be very busy in the coming months with various television and film commitments. Four of the six band members have signed on for new roles.

The singer with the most acting credits in the group is Taecyeon, who is preparing for his role as Cha Gun Woo in the new drama "Who Are You?" Script reading is already underway for the drama, which also stars actress So E Hyun. Taecyeon and So E Hun play two detectives. Ever since So E Hyun's character had a car accident, she can see ghosts, including the ghost of her ex-boyfriend, played by Kim Jae Wook. It should make for an interesting love triangle.

Taecyeon has already starred in two dramas, "Cinderella's Sister" with Moon Geun Young, and "Dream High" with Suzy Bae. When he appeared on the global edition of "We Got Married," the variety show was a number one hit in China.

The 2PM member who is gaining quickly on Taecyeon in terms of acting credits is Chansung. He played a rookie National Intelligence Service agent in "Level 7 Civil Servant" but his character got confused about his loyalties and could not win the girl away from a fellow rookie, played by actor Joo Won. He will soon make his film debut in a romantic comedy, "Red Carpet," when he will play Dae Yoon, the youngest and most energetic member of a film crew.

Meanwhile Junho and Jun.K are going to Japan for their next entertainment roles. Junho and 2PM are so popular in Japan that Junho gets to have his own variety show named after him.

His program "Junho's Say Yes Friendship" will follow him around as he meets people and makes new friends. The singer is also releasing his first Japanese solo album, "Kimi No Koe," or "Your Voice" and he will go on a 12-concert tour.

Last but not least, Jun.K, 2PM's lead vocalist, has signed on to play the lead role in a Japanese musical version of "Three Musketeers." He will perform from Aug. 10 to 24 in Tokyo. He is reportedly co-starring with 2AM's Changmin and Wonder Girls' Yenny. His solo releases are also very popular in Japan.

Wooyoung and Nickhun watch out. It may be time to make some acting plans. You may be idols but your fellow band members' busy acting agendas could make you look like slackers.

Source: kpopstarz

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