Wednesday, July 10, 2013

[News] The tickets for 2PM Jun Ho’s concerts in five Japanese cities are sold out

According to a July 9 announcement by his agency, JYP Entertainment, advance reservations for tickets to 2PM member Jun Ho’s solo concert are more than double the number of seats available, showing how much fans are looking forward to the concerts.

Jun Ho will perform twelve times in five Japanese cities until the end of August, starting from Sapporo and then on to Fukuoka, Osaka, Nagoya, and Tokyo. He will perform songs from his first solo album, Your Voice.

He has already left for Sapporo to fully prepare the stage, the sound systems, band play, and dancing in order to give the best performance possible.

He says, “I’m filled with emotion at holding a tour of Japan at the places where 2PM performed when we made our debut in Japan. I’m a little nervous because it’s my first concert as a solo artist, but I’ll try my best to give a great concert.

Source: Starnews

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