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[TRANS] 2PM Junho's interview in Magazine M

Just like a natural
2PM’s Lee Junho who made his big screen debut with “Cold Eyes”

The actors who appeared in the film <Cold Eyes> (released on July 3rd, directed by Jo Ui Seok and Kim Byung Seo) have been divided into two parties: the chaser and the criminal. The Chief Detective Hwang (Sol Kyung Gu) and rookie detective, Ha Yoon Ju (Han Hyo Joo), teamed up with the Korean Police Special Crime Department’s surveillance team to carry out a new mission. Using ghost-like undercover methods they plan to track down James (Jung Woo Sung), who is a high-level leader of a crime organization. With a clear cut crime plot leading into the storyline of the movie, the acting added lots of attention-grabbing moments that were well-coordinated throughout the whole movie. Lee Junho (23) was confidently engrossed in his role as the youngest member of the surveillance team in this movie, ‘Squirrel’. As a member of the idol group 2PM who have debuted for 5 years, this is his first try at acting. He told us that his debut performance as an actor was not to be overlooked. He’s an outstanding and ambitious man who works hard to achieve his goals.

It’s your first time acting but you seem very experience
Ah, I’m really blessed (laughs). After watching the movie, I was worried that it’d be really awkward whenever I appear, especially during the scene where Squirrel and Ha Yoon Ju meets for the first time. Whenever Squirrel speaks, there’s supposed to be a moment where Ha Yoon Ju takes it in and reacts to it, but it seems like I was too rushed. When we were filming that scene, I thought that if I acted it out exactly like having a conversation in reality, with one person speaking directly after another then it will flow naturally. Acting it out exactly like it is in reality does not necessarily show good acting techniques, but during filming, I didn’t understand that.

How did you feel after seeing yourself appear on the big screen?
It’s already been 5 years since I debuted as a 2PM member. Even though I began to feel more laidback when carrying out activities as a singer, because I’m just a rookie actor, it felt really weird seeing my face appear on the big screen. Although I was a little chubby while I was filming ‘Cold Eyes’, I never thought that my face would look so round when it appeared on screen (laughs). When I watched the movie, I was shocked.

It seems like you’ve already thought about acting before
Whenever I was in high school, I took drama classes. At that time, I enjoyed singing, dancing, and acting, but I was given the opportunity to audition as a singer. In the end, after ending my 3 years in JYP as a trainee, I debuted as a member of 2PM. Actually, I got the role Squirrel in ’Cold Eyes’ through an audition at JYPE. After reading the script, I didn’t want to miss the opportunity of being a part of the movie.

What particular characteristics or traits of ‘Squirrel’ that appealed to you?
He’s a really cute character who’s really playful, but when he’s on the job, he’s exceptionally professional. I thought that I would be able to fully express this character well. To be honest, there are certain traits of ‘Squirrel’ that’s similar to my own personality. Also, because it’s my first time acting, I would like to start and learn the basics by playing a small role like Squirrel. Although Squirrel doesn’t have a large amount of screen time, he’s still an essential character that moves the plot along. To be able to get a character like that for my acting debut, I think I’m really lucky.

The comments regarding your acting have been pretty good
Because everyone who participated in the VIP Premiere complimented me, I was in a really good mood. Lee Jung Jae sunbaenim left the biggest impression on me. Once the event was over and I was preparing to return home, Lee Jung Jae sunbae grabbed onto my arm and made me sit down with him and said, “Hey, you acted exceptionally well, from the start you have already exceeded other rookie actors by a mile.” I didn’t even have the chance to properly greet this sunbae yet he gave me such a wonderful compliment. So I was extremely happy (laughs)

In the film, Squirrel seems to receive a lot of love from the surveillance team, and at the filming set is looks like you are also receiving a lot of love from your sunbaes.
Actually, on the first day of filming, it was extremely windy so I couldn’t politely greet my seniors properly. During 2PM activities, since there are 6 members, I don’t feel nervous when I’m faced with problems and challenges. But at the filming set, because I’m by myself, I would feel really lonely. My manager hyung, stylist noona, and many other staff members worked really hard all because of me too. So I thought to myself, “I have to do well. There cannot be any mistakes.” So I felt that I had a lot of responsibility, which lead to some pressure. However... Kyung Gu sunbae, Hyo Joo noona, and other seniors were there to look after me in every aspect. We all become one at the table when we went drinking together and naturally became closer.

Why do you only call Jung Woo Sung sunbae?
How I address my seniors were set by them from our first encounter. During the dinner gathering of the film’s main actors, Kyung Gu hyung said to me, “Just call me hyung.” Jung Woo Sung sunbae never said anything similar… Hyo Joo noona and I are only two years apart by age, so I just address her as noona.

Would you like the day for you to become closer with Jung Woo Sung to come quickly?
Hahahahahaha! Sunbaenim looks after me really well. At the VIP Premier event, it was also sunbaenim who gave me a lot of important advice. I said to him, “In the future, no matter what, I will work hard to do my very best,” then sunbaenim replied, “You don’t have to go to that extent. Just doing to your part well is the key.” For me, that’s a really important advice.

To be able to get up to this level, do you think it’s all due to your natural talents or from the acquired skills you picked up from working hard?
On some level, I think some of it is natural. But I don’t think that it’s up to a very high level. That’s why I’d like to fill in any inadequate areas by working hard and learning. One of my motivation is also summarized in one phrase that reflects my personality, which is ‘Never fully satisfied.’ Although I indulge in the good results, at that moment of happiness, I’lll also be worried and afraid to feel satisfied. So I will always want to look out for any areas for improvement. That way I will always see my inadequate areas.

For an artist, the highest compliment is...
That person is a natural. He/she is born to be an artist.”
Therefore, he works extra hard in areas behind the camera
Because he wants to hear those words.

It’s even more evident after a lot of practice (regarding the compliment above)
Isn’t that phrase really charismatic? Haha. In my opinion, for singers or actors and other artists, people should listen to their thoughts and feelings. In fact, many artists work extremely hard in areas that aren’t always seen by others and they continue to work hard and practice in order to display themselves as such in front of everyone else.

If you’re under a lot of stress, how do you relax your mind?
Ai~ a simple sigh like that. I don’t have time to sigh and I don’t even have the time to relax. So my way to de-stress it to stand up on stage and sing. It’ll be great if the audience were able to give me a good reaction too. The film that I participated in is also released, I hope everyone will like it hehehe~ If I were to achieve that, then I think I have to work even harder.

Do you have that personality that doesn’t give up once you’ve set a goal for yourself?
Yes. If I haven’t succeeded, then I will not give up

What’s a goal that you have yet to reach?
Right now, my goal is reached and I still have to work hard to fill in all those areas that I’m still lacking in. Afterwards, I’ll set a new goal for myself. For example, on July 4th, my Japanese mini album will release audio files and then I w’ll be holding my own Zepp concert tour in Japan. I hope the concert will be a success. Next year, I hope to hold another concert in Japan in an even larger arena. If I were to succeed and reach this goal with having such little time, then it’ll definitely be very meaningful. My next goal for filming is to consider playing a different role than Squirrel, preferably a role that more people can relate to.

It seems like you are extremely ambitious
That’s right. In order to become even more ambitious, I have to work even harder.

Directing together for ‘Cold Eyes’ it’s Jo Ui Seok and Kim Byung Seo directors
As the role ‘Squirrel’, Lee Junho’s acting has received great and compliments.

I was contacted by the entertainment company JYP and held a casting audition. I thought Junho’s appearance was the most ordinary out of the 2PM members. But that’s why he was the person who was most suited to become a character in the surveillance team. He continued his audition even with a cast on his shoulder, so it was evident and it was clear to see that he was very passionate about acting. To be honest, addressing them as idol stars is a big reason why they lose points in auditions because of the misunderstanding that they just ‘stand and act prettily’. It gives other actors who audition a sense of uneasiness. That’s why during these casting auditions, we have to be even stricter. But Junho’s audition surprised everyone. He told us that he’s acted in musicals when he was in high school. He isn’t nervous in performing live in front of thousands of people due to experience, but when he was acting in front of Han Hyo Joo and Jung Woo Sung, he was really nervous.” – Director Jo Ui Seok

Junho’s fans would call him Squirrel, so we confirmed his role in the film to be called Squirrel. Although he’s maturing and progressing as team member under the rookie police detective in the film, Han Hyo Joo, you can also see idol star Junho’s great transformation into an actor as well.” – Director Kim Byung Seo

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