Wednesday, July 3, 2013

[Twitter] 2PM @ Korea Giving Support to Junho @ Japan

@dlwnsghek Junho stay strong, fighting!! ^^

@0430yes How’s Korea?

@dlwnsghek Korea… Right now… At Changwon… Heat stroke…

@dlwnsghek Junho-ya let’s eat some milmyeon… 
Don’t get surprised, it’s a double portion... keke

@0430yes What’s with the huge portion? kekeke 
It’ll start coming out through your nose while you try to eat it all.

Do you want some Milmyeon??? It's really very delicious~~kekeke 
@taeccool@Jun2daKAY@2PMagreement211 (and @0430yes) 
@dlwnsghek ya~ I miss you!! Let's eat together next time!! keke

@dlwnsghek Juneo-ya fighting! It’s the beginning! Us too about to have a performance! kekeke Somewhat empty without a guy who starts Comeback When You Hear This Song.

@2PMagreement211 Chansungie, it’s been hard on you…

@dlwnsghek kekeke what exactly?????

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