Thursday, July 11, 2013

[20’s Choice Ranking] 2PM Third for Mwave Global Star Award ***VOTE FOR 2PM NOW***

Editor's Note: VOTE FOR 2PM NOW. DON'T WAIT!!!

The 20’s Mwave Global Star Award is decided 100 percent by your votes, and according to the latest 2013 20’s Choice Awards rankings, it looks like Shinhwa could take top honors this year.

Shinhwa is currently sitting at the top with 27.1 percent of votes, but Super Junior-M is not far behind with 25.9 percent of votes. With one week left to vote, it’s still too soon to say who will win the award, and we’re sure Shinhwa fans are feeling a little uneasy.

Meanwhile, 2PM trails behind in third place with 18.1 percent of votes, while EXO is in fourth place with 14.5 percent and Infinite in last place with 5.9 percent.

Your vote can tip the rankings, so get your votes in now!

Source: mwave


  1. omg vote for 2pm!!!

  2. what I see now is that they are at the second place with 51,000 votes behind. Hottest, vote for them!! I think we still have a chance!!