Thursday, May 23, 2013

[News] 2PM Junsu @ Musical "The Three Musketeers" to land in Japan this summer!

It's been decided that the musical "The Three Musketeers," which has been gaining popularity in Korea since its premiere in 2009, will be performed in Tokyo in August.

This musical, which is based on a novel by Alexandre Dumas, has been performed all over the country and is now including Japan. The gorgeous performers, which includes many stars, is the biggest highlight of the Korean version.

Four stars including 2PM's Jun. K will be appearing as the main chatacter D'artagnan in Japan too.
"This is my first time appearing in a musical. By participating in the field, I'm being challenged since I wanted to try it out for a while. I practice while learning many things from my seniors who have been active from the beginning, like the vocalization and acting as well," said Jun. K.

He showed his singing ability and vivid performance looking as if it wasn't his first musical, receiving great cheers from the audience during the show in Korea, which was held from February until April of this year.
"D'artagnan is a young man who leaves home to travel to Paris to join the Musketeers of the Guard - he resembles me with his energetic personality. There are many cool action scenes where he tries to rescue the heroine, as well other scenes using swords.

The 2PM members also came to see the show and praised my strenuous actions, saying, 'It was awesome!' (laughs)"

2PM Jun. K

He says that he is also really looking forward to the Japanese performance in August.

"I sometimes talk to my co-performers about how I'd like to try out an adlib while saying my lines in Japanese, but my courage may fail me at that moment? (laughs) I'd like to play D'artagnan while just being myself and while following my senior's acting. I'd like many people to see "The Three Musketeers" since it's a wonderful work that moves people through the men's passionate friendship."

Jun. K responded to the interview with a fully refreshing aura even while he was busy with the Korean performances.

He revealed the story behind his splendid sword technique, saying "I bought a fencing sword in Japan and was practicing silently since I had a tour in Japan until just before the premiere. I got many blisters on my hand."

Scanned and Translated by rikakotsu @JunkayStreet
Trans edited by Heartfelt @JunkayStreet

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