Tuesday, May 21, 2013

[News] 2PM Nickhun - I hated myself so much

Nichkhun talks about how he faced after the uneven incident last year.

2PM member Chansung, Taecyeon and Nichkhun guested at SBS "Incarnation" on the 21st of May.

Members talked about again about the hardship they been through during hiatus while sharing their preparation for Comeback.

Nickhun was asked about a huge bad event happened last year to him..

MC: Were you always at the dorm after the incident? 

Khun: I was always at our dorm for a month and a half after the incident. I hated myself so much during that period. I'm the one who will teach others but this time I made a big mistake. 

MC: Did you felt like going back to Thailand during that time? 

Khun: No, not at all because I didn't want/know how to face my parents.

As he continued..
"I told my manager that i wanted to do something during my hiatus period and i went to help the children by doing some charity work but after all the charity works, everyone do not think of Nichkhun as an idol but as a real person."

2PM shared also " Us 2PM will always go on w/ our activities though we don't know when our popularity will sink but we will always try our best."

Stay tuned for more about the recent interviews 2PM have and more!

Source: Khunbelle

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