Tuesday, May 21, 2013

[News] Original performance idol 2PM to express mannish charms in pictorials

2PM finally came back after 2 years of break and shot pictorials with VOGUE Korea.

Original performance idol group 2PM has returned with third album and shot fashion pictorials with magazine VOGUE Korea as well. As they had such a long break time, the boys participated in more seriously and tried to express more dynamic poses and facial expressions.

The group shot pictorials in a concept of ‘friends having fun at vacation.’ They showed mature and mannish images at the shooting while they also showed comical images during the break time.

The boys also had an interview time after shooting and talked about how they changed over the break of two years, their future goals in music, and their thoughts about keeping private lives.

More pictorials and interview will be printed in VOGUE Korea in June edition, and the making film of shooting pictorials will be posted on VOGUE’s official webpage and YouTube channel. (photo by VOGUE Korea)

Source: bntnews.co.uk

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