Wednesday, May 29, 2013

[News] 2PM Taecyeon Sweet Proposal On We Got Married Global, ‘Can This Get Any More Real?’

On the last episode of  “We Got Married: Global Edition,” 2PM’s Taecyeon had a chance to express how he really felt about his pretend wife, Gui Gui. Dressed up in a suit and tie, he serenaded her, playing their song on the piano. Then he knelt down and proposed. The romantic gesture brought her to tears.

The sincerity of his proposal changed the way she thought about him,said the Taiwanese singer and actress at a press conference following the show. And all his romantic gestures have changed her picture of South Korean men.

At first he felt like a good friend, but after the proposal, it felt like we became a real couple,” said Gui Gui.

Although it was not always easy for them to communicate their feelings, his considerate actions and romantic gestures finally won her over.

Gui Gui said Taecyeon really looked out for her while they were filming. He helped remove a speck from her eye. He bought her cocoa and flowers. When she saw a pair of silver shoes that she liked, he returned to the store to buy them for her. When told they were the display model and not for sale, he talked the store owner into selling them. He presented them to Gui Gui and knelt down before her and like Prince Charming slipped them on to her feet.

And then finally he wrote her a romantic letter. In the letter he said that when he first saw her, he felt a connection. He was pleased at how happy he made her when he presented her with the shoes. When they played together in the snow, he felt as happy as a little kid.

Did she feel something for him? Did the fact that she could not look directly at him or laughed when he got close to her mean she felt something for him?

 ”I did my best to express my true feelings,” said Taecyeon at his own press conference. “I think I expressed them well. I think this proposal was the key to opening each other’s hearts.

Would such a marriage really work? Taecyeon is quiet and reserved. Gui Gui is spontaneous and enthusiastic. When asked earlier in the show if he would date her in real life, he said yes. She could not see them dating due to cultural differences, but that did not necessarily mean she was not attracted to him. When asked if they could imagine skin ship with each other, he said no, and she shocked him by saying yes. And yet they managed to kiss three times.

What do you think? Could they really be a couple? Or do you see him with someone else?

Source: kpopstarz

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