Wednesday, May 29, 2013

[News] Comedian Lee Young Ja 'Taecyeon, You Drive Me Crazy'

2PM appeared as guests on KBS talk show, 'Hello.'

During the show, one of the hosts of the show, Lee Young Ja told Taecyeon, "You are driving me crazy."

The talk show, which invites non-celebrity guests to bring a personal topic of discussion to share and discuss with celebrity guests, featured a wife who had serious concerns over her husband's 23-year-old car. The wife complained, "We have never gone on a road trip because the car is so old. Of course, the air conditioner does not work and there are water leaks on rainy days."

2PM chimed in on their experience being attached to things. Taecyeon answered, "I have a hard time tossing out fashion items even if they are too old or no longer useful," looking at Lee Young Ja. Then she interrupted, "Taecyeon, I am sorry but please continue your story looking at someone else. You are driving me crazy," revealing her fan girl side for Taecyeon.

Later on the show, Taecyeon showed his caring side when he picked off a piece of lint from one of the guests' hair. Seeing that, Shin Dong Yeob, one of the co-hosts, stuck a pencil in Lee Young Ja's hair and asked him, "Please take that off Lee Young Ja's hair, too," filling the studio in laughter.

Source: kpopstarz

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