Thursday, May 23, 2013

[News] 2PM's Nichkhun rumored to be a 'night emperor'?

Word around K-pop town is that 2PM's Nichkhun loves the nightlife, and the idol star came forward to clear up the rumor himself.

On the May 21st broadcast of 'Incarnation', a few of the 2PM members featured as guests and MC Kim Gu Ra used the golden opportunity to ask Nichkhun, "I heard you go out a lot at night, and there are rumors that people in Gangnam call you by the nickname, 'night emperor'.

Nichkhun responded, "I think I know why. It's because our boss used to have me come out. When he's out and meeting someone, he always tells me to come out too."

Chansung added, "He wants to show off Nichkhun, so he calls him and invites him out." When the MCs asked, "Just Nichkhun?" Chansung brought laughs as he said, "Yeah it seems that way!"

"By the way, we're not talking about J.Y. Park hyung here. We're talking about our other boss who is in charge of the business operation," said Taecyeon to clear things up for those who might misunderstand, bringing 'Ahhhh's and 'Ohhhh's from the MCs who had been thinking it was about J.Y. Park.

Nichkhun then added, "Before the rumor came out, I probably went out about twice a week [because of him]. But he apologized to me later when these rumors started circulating. Now instead of having me come out, he will just have me talk through the phone," bringing the topic to a close as the set laughed.

So it seems Nichkhun isn't much of a 'night emperor' after all!

Source: allkpop

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