Thursday, May 9, 2013

[News] 2PM-4minute vs Lee Hyori-Shinhwa, 'New Vs. Old'

The month of May is a festivity for K-pop fans across the globe and a war zone for the artists themselves. With most big-name artists releasing their albums in May that has now been dubbed May-hem, the old and the new are battling head to head.

First up is the competition of male group artists. The longest-lived group, Shinhwa, is making their comeback on May 16. On the other hand, 2PM, often likened to Shinhwa, is releasing their album three days earlier on May 13. The old and the new will duel in the busiest battleground of K-pop this year.

Shinhwa has announced that their novel choreography will be the difference maker whereas 2PM has stressed a more mature, grown man concept as opposed to their previous hyper-masculine shirt-ripping antics.

Lee Hyori has topped all music charts with her early release of "Miss Korea" and proved her worthy of the title, "Queen of K-pop," despite a 3-year hiatus. The new generation of girl groups such as 4minute, Secret and T-ARA N4 are going against the seasoned veteran many years their senior. 4minute is the only group that is faring well and not sliding down the charts.

With clear rivalry between the new versus old, the competition is heightening. Of course, the fans are loving it.

Source: kpopstarz

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