Saturday, May 4, 2013

[News] 2PM replace themselves as #1 on Japan’s Tower Records pre-order chart

Another album has topped Japan’s Tower Records‘ chart beating out 2PM‘s Japanese single “Give Me Love“. So who replaced them as #1 on the chart? Well, it’s actually 2PM themselves with their Korean album ‘GROWN‘!

‘GROWN’ ranked #1 on the site’s pre-order chart on May 3rd. Although 2PM’s new album is a Korean release and hasn’t even been released yet, the love from HOTTESTs in Japan was undeniable, as shown on the chart. Now 2PM sits at the #1, 2, 5, and 6 on Tower Records’ pre-order chart with ‘GROWN’ and ‘Give Me Love’.

Prior to the latest chart update, 2PM’s “Give Me Love”, which won’t be released until May 29th, maintained its top spot. As mentioned before, 2PM previously unveiled the first performance of “Give Me Love” during their Tokyo Dome concert, as well as the PV, and swept various Japanese music charts.

These beastly boys will be returning to you with the release of ‘GROWN’ on the 6th, so stay tuned!

Source: allkpop

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