Sunday, May 12, 2013

[News] 2PM Taecyeon Says He is Open to Dating Taiwanese Actress Gui Gui, But She Says?

2PM's Taecyeon and Taiwanese actress Gui Gui who are on MBC's virtual marriage show, 'We Got Married - Global Edition,' were asked whether they were open to dating the other person in real life.

Simply put, they disagreed.

Blurting out their responses on a count of three, Taecyeon said yes while Gui Gui said no. Gui Gui had some explaining to do, of course, and stated, "I did not think Taecyeon would say yes. I said no because we live different lives in different countries. I saw Taecyeon being disappointed for the first time."

Taecyeon had a few words to say after the incident. He commented, "I thought we were making great memories and spending quality time together. So I was feeling like this was leading to something better but maybe Gui Gui just does not see it that way." Obviously let down by her response, Taecyeon said, "If she is looking at this as a dead end, what do I do?"

'We Got Married - Global Edition' pairs up celebrities from different cultures and puts them through pretend marriages in order to better understand the gap between various cultural diversities. Currently, FTISLAND Lee Hong Ki and Japanese actress Fujii Mina are also on the show.

The episode will air on May 12.

Source: kpopstarz

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