Thursday, May 16, 2013

[News] Shinhwa keep their promise from ‘God of Victory’ by preparing 1,000 lunches for 2PM’s fans

Shinhwa are not only the the longest running idol group, but they’re men of their word.

If you recall, back in September, 2PM and Shinhwa competed with each other in ten intense rounds of competitive games on ‘God of Victory‘ where both groups decided to have the loser fulfill a special promise. 2PM asked Shinhwa to gift 1,000 of their fans with lunch when they make a comeback while Shinhwa asked 2PM to show them love at the airport by wearing raincoats in their representative orange color and hold up fan cards. It was 2PM who won the show in the end and Shinhwa made sure to keep that promise months later when 2PM made their comeback.

Wooyoung shared on his Twitter, “I wondered if they would really do it… They really kept their promise… ?? Ah oh??@.@ Shinhwa sunbaenim are the best, best!!! I will support ‘This Love’ to be daebak~ ^0^ Thank you!!”, and shared a proof shot of Shinhwa’s specially packed lunches for 1,000 HOTTESTs.

The sticker on the lunch packages read, “We congratulate our 2PM hoobaenims on their comeback!! Jun.K/Nichkhun/Taecyeon/Wooyoung/Junho/Chansung Hwaiting! FROM. Shinhwa

Congratulations to both 2PM and Shinhwa on their comebacks!

Source: allkpop

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