Tuesday, May 7, 2013

[Video Review] 2PM Knows How to Charm the Ladies in ′Comeback When You Hear This Song′

The 2PM members are back, looking hotter than ever – and they didn’t even have to take off their shirts.

On May 6, 2PM dropped its long-awaited music video for Comeback When You Hear This Song.

Perhaps speaking to a past lover (or maybe even to some of the fans who drifted away while 2PM was out of the spotlight), Comeback When You Hear This is probably one of the sweetest I'm-Begging-You-To-Please-Take-Me-Back songs.

The boys sing for the girl (yes, one girl for all six members, like most typical K-Pop music videos) to return, as a series of flashbacks roll out, explaining why the boys broke up with the girl - for none other than the seven deadly sins.

Chansung had issues with lust, Nichkhun with greed, Wooyoung with sloth, Junho with gluttony, Jun.K with wrath, and Taecyeon with envy – which takes us back to the code teaser JYP Entertainment gave us.

With six members and seven deadly sins, the girl inevitably represents the remaining sin of pride, which is evidently the actual underlying reason for the break-ups.

But apparently, the boys have Grown up, and want the girl back - and somehow, playing Comeback When You Hear this Song accomplishes the song's titular goal.

Slick graphics and intricate details aside, this new music video and song showcases just how much 2PM has grown since its debut in 2008.

The 2PM members were hormonal teens in 10 Out of 10 Points, enraged beast-dols in Again and Again and Heartbeat, party boys in Hands Up, and now after years of being boys, they’ve come back as sophisticated men, who are looking for love and willing to admit that they’ve made a mistake.

In the same vein, the 2PM members have made an effort to actually appear like adults. While the male groups of today are heavily dominated by young, effeminate boys, 2PM has taken painstaking steps to exude a mature, adult aura that they've previously shied away from.

The only thing that detracted from the new and improved 2PM was the dance, which looked like an amalgation of every dance Park Jin Young (JYP) has attempted.

The dance, mainly the ‘Gimme Gimme’ dance, was jarring against the backdrop of the serious video and we just couldn’t get over how silly it looked with six grown men looking like children who are begging for a cookie rather than a woman.

Nonetheless, much like the pyramid dance in Heartbreaker, the dance is likely to spread through the nation - just as it's likely the song will be played on overtime throughout the summer.

Rating: 3.5/5

Source: enewsworld

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